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  • Hi DoveAlexa,
    Years ago you took a personality test from a personal page I was developing. Back then it was a rough concept and the page was not near finished. I wasn't even aware or meant for people to visit, until I found this forum thread.

    I finally got time to revisit and re-post it. I would love for you to check it out and give me any feed back.
    Just a note for all the passers by to here:
    I hate this forum, it makes me ashamed of my own species. People offended for shit they shouldn't be, while being a screaming shit-started when someone calls them out on hypocritical ignorance and then they say that other people aren't allowed to be offended by something legit. You people disgust me.
    I hadn't seen you in a while dove. perhaps I missed you but I will say I have missed seeing your posts! I hope you are well and you and chaz are the same..
    I am a compendium of useless knowledge *bows* of course, considering that only the interesting people get some of the more vague references of mine, the knowledge isn't useless to me...only to the unknowing.

    *huggles the minature giant space hamster*
    thanks for the rep, but more for the comment. I'm glad it helped ease the minds of the staff, if only a little.
    Most of the people here aren't INFJ's anyways!
    Hi. Did you hear I have bunnies? They're adorable.
    Haven't found a forest that is ready to submit to my divine right just yet, mores the pity I know. *tickles*
    thanks for the rep. I'm pretty much the same. I don't need a wide social circle to be confident in myself. I have a few good friends and that's pretty much it. I don't want more than that.
    Yeah, I can agree. I seem to drift between friends a lot. It's pretty normal for friends to come and go, for me at least, so I seem to be the one who lets them go when I get bored and there isn't much more to talk about unless they want to continue the friendship of course. :p
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