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Aug 15, 2015 at 6:22 PM
Mar 5, 2010
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Chaz's Lovey Bunny

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Aug 15, 2015
    1. Bird
      Hope you're living your best life <3
    2. Lenin Compres
      Lenin Compres
      Hi DoveAlexa,
      Years ago you took a personality test from a personal page I was developing. Back then it was a rough concept and the page was not near finished. I wasn't even aware or meant for people to visit, until I found this forum thread.

      I finally got time to revisit and re-post it. I would love for you to check it out and give me any feed back.
    3. Trifoilum
      *hugs hugs*
    4. DoveAlexa
      Just a note for all the passers by to here:
      I hate this forum, it makes me ashamed of my own species. People offended for shit they shouldn't be, while being a screaming shit-started when someone calls them out on hypocritical ignorance and then they say that other people aren't allowed to be offended by something legit. You people disgust me.
    5. 88chaz88
      What? Where?
    6. Bird
      You are so sexy.

      P.S. This is me hitting on you.
    7. Norwich
      Ditto on what Questingpoet said. Miss you around here.
    8. Questingpoet
      I hadn't seen you in a while dove. perhaps I missed you but I will say I have missed seeing your posts! I hope you are well and you and chaz are the same..
    9. Melkor

      I didn't say you could have any!
    10. Peppermint
      Would you mind clarifying?

      Edit: eh, never mind. No, that's not what it was.
    11. Skathac
      I am a compendium of useless knowledge *bows* of course, considering that only the interesting people get some of the more vague references of mine, the knowledge isn't useless to me...only to the unknowing.

      *huggles the minature giant space hamster*
    12. Skathac
      Go for the eyes Boo GO FOR THE EYES!
    13. jyrffw54
      *Waves wand*

      Dovo appearico!


      (How have you been?)
    14. jyrffw54
      Hai there beautiful ^^
    15. dream echo
      dream echo
      thanks for the rep, but more for the comment. I'm glad it helped ease the minds of the staff, if only a little.
    16. Melkor
      Most of the people here aren't INFJ's anyways!
      Hi. Did you hear I have bunnies? They're adorable.
    17. Skathac
      Haven't found a forest that is ready to submit to my divine right just yet, mores the pity I know. *tickles*
    18. Galileo
      thanks for the rep. I'm pretty much the same. I don't need a wide social circle to be confident in myself. I have a few good friends and that's pretty much it. I don't want more than that.
    19. Free Mind
      Free Mind
      Yeah, I can agree. I seem to drift between friends a lot. It's pretty normal for friends to come and go, for me at least, so I seem to be the one who lets them go when I get bored and there isn't much more to talk about unless they want to continue the friendship of course. :P
    20. Skathac
      :P How you doin Dove ^^
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    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    *Chaz. Both my Love and my Best Friend, to not have him would be to be beyond alone, and to have him I feel like I don't really need anything else.

    *My Computer .I am a gigantic nerd. Games, forums, reading are what I fill my days with when I am at home. It's also my preferred mode of communication (forums and MSN) so its also how I socialize. I even draw on here.

    *Lip balm. Calgary is a frozen wasteland most of the year.

    *Good food. Nothing is better for morale than eating well if the rest of your life isn't so great.

    *My parents. Honestly this is more because I so far suck at being an adult. I had some rough medical times a number of years ago and I still haven't gotten my act together. I feel horrible about it but I am fixing it.

    *Hope for the future, as in something that assures you it'll all be alright, not just the inner musterings of hope. Though honestly, maybe I should put this at the top, since when this is missing, nothing makes me happy... well, till Chaz makes it better of course ;).
    What would be your epitaph?:
    I'm sorry, I intend to live forever.
    I am an "INFJ Destroyer of worlds"
    "The adversarial nature and discontent with society, is natural for the INFJs. However, at times, their adversarial worldview can become so strong that it turns to hatred, and the point of view that humans are just too stupid to live..."

    Why? Because:
    Child kills baby on purpose:
    Another one:
    one more:

    Therefore: Empathy is anything but inherent, and Hobbes was right.

    Although, I have no faith in *any* form of government, (or any current government body today) including a hobbes enlightened autocracy.


    Beware of spammers on old accounts, ffs.

    Cognitive Process
    Level of Development (Preference, Skill and Frequency of Use)
    extraverted Feeling (Fe) ************************************** (38.6)
    excellent use
    introverted Feeling (Fi) ************************************** (38.1)
    excellent use