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Mar 6, 2011
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Apr 18, 2015
    1. Sriracha
      YAY! I bet we can learn quite a bit from each other!!
    2. jyrffw54
      Yep! it sure was XD
    3. daydreamer
      Haha one time I was running and my brother told me not to move and I asked why, the next thing I knew there was a bee walking up my cheek!The bee was getting close to my eye are and I screamed!Some random guy came up to me and slapped the bee off me and stomped on it!I was so grateful!Then another time a bee stung me on my neck randomly while I was playing tennis and went "Aaah" and there was an echo, so all my teamates heard me!It was so embarassing lol! The next day, I put ice on it and wanted to scratch my neck bad but I couldn't so I kept shivering and fidgeting! Haha that's why I don't like bees.

      Haha about the girls thing. Why does he think she's 400 pounds and the other one's 60 lol?

      He has a truck? That's so cool! Aren't they hard to drive though? That work sounds intense though! What does he make again? Sorry, but wow, that's so neat!

      Haha you got the good teeth genes. Lucky! I had braces before. I used to have buck teeth and they were a little croocked as well.
    4. bamf
    5. grt$5vb
    6. daydreamer
      I don't mind spiders, so long as they'er not on me. It's bees that scare me! DX

      That's so cool! Your son's sick! It's good that he works hard instead of just goof off. Too bad his coworkers don't like him that much though :( Why do they get angry at him? Are they just jealous of him? What does he do during his breaks? Lol does it seem weird that I'm asking?

      Sometimes wisdom teeth can screw up your teeth. They can push against your other teeth and make them all screwed up. But yeah, it's pretty expensive. Haha you should've seen me after the surgery! I was acting so goofy lol!
    7. daydreamer
      Thank you :)

      I'm not a reptile person lol. I'm somebody who likes cats and dolphins :D I swam with dolphins too this summer! So much fun! The work he does sounds hard! I'm not very coordinated with my hands, but I'm improving! :D

      How many wisdom teeth do you have? Did you just have one?
    8. Constant_Overstimulation
      i remember it, thats all that matters!! you dont need to remember.

      you were pretty good. i didnt think you would be so loud though. screamer alert.
    9. Constant_Overstimulation
      i just had sex with you, how could i be a virgin?
    10. Constant_Overstimulation
      just me being stupid and saying dumb random comments that have no relevance.

      lol @ you believing i'm a virgin.

      : )
    11. daydreamer
      Congratulations on winning those contests! :D What's your deviant art account username?

      That's awesome, my brother's got a job too! What kind of work does he do? Lol, he's still into reptiles and all of that?

      Uggh, recovering from surgery is really bad. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out! When I woke up, I felt fine (they gave me some laughing gas) but when it wore off I was in a lot of pain. I couldn't eat solid foods! Plus I looked like a chipmunk :'( lol.

      Sorry about the bs with extended family, but I'm glad the good stuff is getting you through :)

      Thank you! :D
    12. daydreamer
      I've just been doing a lot of reading. I've been doing boxing and have been getting ready to go to college! I've also been traveling A LOT! How about you? How's your son? Can you tell him I said hi? :)
    13. daydreamer
    14. Constant_Overstimulation
    15. Constant_Overstimulation
    16. Constant_Overstimulation
      you're a chick, it's your job to be on an emotional rollercoaster. : ]
    17. Constant_Overstimulation
      hai how are you feeling??
    18. Vicarious
      Yes, Karma is awesome...but I'm still waiting for it to bite my stupid ex in the ass. Seems like no matter how awful he is or how many horrible things he does, he manages to schmooze his way through it. Shit pisses me off. Yeah, he's pretty bad...lets just say that he should be in prison, but he somehow schmoozed his way out of that too. He only sees the kids when it is beneficial to him or it will make him look good (twice in about 7 years), besides, there is some questionable behavior on his part and I don't feel comfortable leaving them with him alone anyway. Ha, get this....a couple of weeks ago, he had the nerve to ask if he could take the kids, on his own, out of state for a reunion or some shit. I said if you think I'm going to send MY kids out of state with a bunch of virtual strangers and you, you're out of your fucking mind. They don't even KNOW him...and none of his family either. They haven't seen most of them since the older two were little.
    19. Vicarious
      I think I could manage that...I like the car idea...try getting that smell out of there! Haha. Make sure I do it someplace where she won't find it right away and let it fester a bit. I think I'll bring my dog too, to piss on all of her clothes and let that bake in the sun for a little while. Gosh this is evil...I am enjoying every second of it. Muah hahahaha! Best jab ever, hook her up with my ex-husband! Bahahahahaha!
    20. Vicarious
      Sounds like I need to bust a cap in yo bro's ex-wife's ass. I'm going to inscribe "Your kids are not pawns, bitch" on the casing. Or I could just throw up on her shoes. LOL!
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