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Oct 7, 2014 at 5:45 AM
May 20, 2010
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Touch others lives in a meaningful way

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Oct 7, 2014
    1. efromm
      Hey you how ya been? Hope all is well. PM me sometime. Going for a bicycle ride hope to hear back from you . Hope all is well with you. And your life is going well. talk to you soon E....
    2. etselec
      Love the kitty picture! Looks like my cat. :)
    3. Questingpoet
      Just wanted to say hi my friend. I am not back her but still look. I would very much like to talk with you once in a while. I hope you are well...
    4. GracieRuth
      Thanks for the welcome. Hey, we look alike! You know, the black fur, green eyes...
    5. Nixie
      I know that! I am not mad or anything. I have extreme fondness for you. MMkay....don't make me do too much of the feeler crap.... :)
    6. Nixie
      "Indian Princess"Historically, when Indian women were taken as sex slaves by whites, they were called "indian princesses" to make it seem more "acceptable" to be with a brown person. In modern times, "wanabee" Indians, who upon learning you are Native, will say "my great-grandmother was an indian princess". While there are women and girls who are voted and nominated as "princesses" for Pow Wow events, clan events, or tribal events, they are usually specifically given a title. For example, my mother was the first Chief Seattle Day Princess. They are usually yearly titles and confer status.However, outside the traditional Native circle, to call a woman an "Indian Princes" is to insinuate at the bland level, the woman is a "wannabe", and at the worst, a whore.
    7. middle1
      You have a cavalry for house work? OMG I'm so in!!!!!
    8. Reon
      Deck staining? Impressive. And I will try my best, thank you.
    9. Reon
      Things are going okay. That's good right, how about you?
    10. Gaze
      overdue: thank you for the reps :)
    11. Wyote
      Uhh I could have sworn you were on my friends list o_O

      Well, hopefully this fixes the problem lol not trying to mess with you I swear!
    12. Wyote
      I don't know that I've ever even consumed chard in my life LOL after googling what the heck it is, it seems like it would go well in Quiche, Pasta or Quesadillas though.

      I like to cook, but clearly I'm not a cook haha.
    13. Wyote
      Yes I love to cook, though I don't do it often(I microwave a lot hah) and it's a bit tricky in a wheelchair lol.

      Why do you ask? Do you like to cook?

      EDIT - OH YEA! And good morning to you =)
    14. Flavus Aquila
      Flavus Aquila
      It was an even cuter animated gif. Back to the old eagle.
    15. Nixie
      Monkey taunting is my speciality....err I mean taunting with monkeys...:mcunni:
    16. Nixie
      :m200: I like it when you decide to play!
    17. Blind Bandit
      Blind Bandit
      You know your rock don't you...... *hugs* Thank you so much.

      Also how have you been?
    18. Wyote
      O rly? =p
    19. the
      I actually wasnt mad about the situation in anyway. I was actually more mad that he kept helping me clean up and that he wouldnt go away, but even then I wasnt really that mad.
    20. Flavus Aquila
      Flavus Aquila
      I'm not particularly fluent in any language - except for english. I used to be able to speak six languages more or less fluently - but I don't have to use them very much, so they're on their way out.

      I don't know that many people can actually speak latin. When I studied it, I did my best to try to speak it - but I probably made a real grammatical mess of it: you just can't learn to speak a language without being able to conduct conversations and to be corrected in conversation.
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    Touch others lives in a meaningful way
    I was born a long ago in a land far away(Denver). I've lived in Washington state most of my life.
    My career has always been in human services primarily working with people with disabilities. For the last five years I've been a stay at home mom for two precious little girls that my husband and I adopted.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    my family
    someone seeking to understand me
    sense of adventure
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Done procrastinating
    2 so/sp/sx
    I just recently took some freebie tests on the internet to determine my personality profile. One indicated that I was INTJ but the narratives describing this profile were a bit off. I read some descriptions on INFJ to my husband. When he wasn't nodding his head, he had this strange smirk on his face. Not sure if he was feeling more surprise that there are others out there like me or reveling in the fact that someone else has to put up with what he does.

    I joined this forum because I was very intrigued with the notion of hanging out with a bunch of people described best by the INFJ profile. Here I'm hoping to find other people who like to have deep intense conversations. People fascinate me and I enjoy getting to know new people. Many seem to have only the desire for cursory knowledge of others. I'm hoping this is a place where I can find some people who enjoy really getting to know each other without being judgmental.

    interior design
    sense of connection
    promoting community


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