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  • OMG YOU'RE BACK! How are ya?! Let me attack you with feels and you can say something snarky to me, like old times.
    Damn stormy, it's been a while. Not like I missed you or anything...despite the numerous times I've mentioned it in the forum.'s...uh, it's good you're back. See, this is what happens when you leave. I go all mushy and INFJ

    Oh and this is the soul of Jacobi implanted into a robot body. Just in case you were wondering.
    Welcome back! Hope you will be okay. :/ Your avatar is very professional, and dat smile. :3
    I'm at work today and can't respond properly to your will be back later. But you are most welcome to my hug. :hug: :kiss:

    Nixie!!!!!!! I missed you, you fiendishly awesome lady. I thoroughly hope you've been doing well.

    It's great to "see" you, in a manner of speaking. : )

    I've been extra feelery lately. No ENTPs to keep me in check.

    See, I can't even help myself:

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