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  • Vicarious --- hi :). Long time. Remember, your name reminds me of a legal term --- 'vicarious liability.' I love your name. Vigilance is still cooler though. ;)
    My phone is silly : P

    "year" should be "yellow" lol.

    I've been..better. I'm kind of at an impasse of sorts in regards to school at the moment.
    He says that he loves you and he's proud of you for not giving up all those times that you wanted to. He's tilting his head with that semi-serious/playful expression in his eyes and he's doing that slow clap with his hands. And now he's laughing and applauding you and says that you need to wear more year and that doing things that make you laugh will bring you more confidence. Allow yourself to be messy. He's showing me a mess of fritos, ground need and cheese and eating with without caring that some gets all over the table and the floor. You can always clean it up. This is a metaphor for how you should be living your life, he says. You'll enjoy it more. He's kissing your forehead and saying goodbye for now.

    It's nice to see you back too!
    Your new avatar and usertitle are the best things ever.

    *me, creepin* lol..... you saw your first live birth recently?!?! :redface: How was it?? I got light-headed when I saw my first one :blush: ... had to sit down.... told myself I'd NEVER be a Labor & Delivery Nurse... ha! Now I am one, and I wouldn't pick anything else!!! Hope you've been enjoying your time on the OB unit. Some interesting 'family dynamics', for sure.

    The best part: you get to empower women and help bring life into the world.<333333
    Pretty flowers for a pretty lady to (hopefully) brighten her day! We haven't spoken in a while, but I hope all is well! Have a fabulous evening! :)

    I always have a browser pointed here seems like B/C I never log off.

    But not as often as I'd like.
    Hello there! Hope all is well in your universe. I think it is time to wander off for a long while. I cannot stand the muir bullshit. I think the crap he posts has racist undertones, even if he will argue vehemently it does not. While I get his stance of the whole "cabal", the anti-jewish hatred of some of the stuff he posts just annoys me...especially since it is allowed to continue, even though I understand it is difficult to wade through and watch/read everything he posts. Please put me on holiday for 60 days. If you can't please get the message to someone else. Thanks so much.
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