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  • Let me know how it goes...and if that particular technique doesn’t work for you, there are other ways of doing it, just message me.
    Best of luck!!
    You're welcome. Also, I've confirmed my earlier thought that you have amazing taste in music. :D
    Mt Snowdonia is indeed beautiful, new place added to my to see list, thanks for sharing:)
    Thanks Free Mind! About your question... did you mean how do 'I' seek it? Or in general, how do I think truth should be sought? :)
    Sound is frequency....and everything is "made" from frequency after all. Many think the bible was misunderstood and instead of saying "In the beginning was the word" should read "In the beginning there was Sound". So I totally agree it is amazing how music (and sound) can affect us. I plan to check out more of their music. Thank you again for sharing. :hug:
    The guy who is “I Monster” has a few albums out…some of it is pretty bizarre, but there are also some cool tunes he’s put out!
    Of course you can join! Although, I fear a snorkel mask wouldn't fit over your dragon ears.
    I try to find good stuff….I have a whole bunch of sites with really good stuff bookmarked.
    Most of them you can find in our group.
    Glad you enjoy it…it’s kind of like 2 years worth of searching.
    What???!?!? Can I post your response over in my thread? I would love for you join in the conversation there with me and tell me about your past life experiences. I'm going through them too!!!! :bounce: I was coming over here to share what happened to me last night. Wowwww! This is awesome to hear.
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