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Feb 8, 2010 at 9:17 PM
Jul 24, 2009
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September 21
travel lots and lots be global serve learn to

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nagging for truth

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Feb 8, 2010
    1. GarmGarf
      To be honest, I don't know why you are beating yourself up over this.

      Some people are, you know, addicted to alcohol, (other) drugs, sex, shoplifting - a whole pile of morally questionable stuff.

      You are apparently addicted to what? Internet forums and psychoanalysis*? So... intellectual addiction is bad nowadays...? Hmm.

      (*= Maybe I got your situation wrong, however. I have no idea where your thread I mentioned went, and my memory sucks.)
    2. GarmGarf
      Welcome back!

      What happened to your "I'm leaving the forum" thread, by the way? I felt angry when I read that thread and I can't justify why.
    3. Faye
      If I need to reach you?

      I can definitely see why someone should spend much time on here, but still it is enjoyable typically. Does it really make that much of a difference?
    4. bamf
      Even if you're just here a little, it's great to see you 'round here again.
    5. Faye
      You're on the forums? Welcome back! I thought you left for good?

      I'm alright. How are you?
    6. Raccoon Love
      Raccoon Love
      thank you!!!:).
    7. Raccoon Love
      Raccoon Love
      lol thank you...
      Hmm well a lot has happened to be honest, I'm not sure if you saw my coming out tread so hat's that lol, later my parents find out so I'm going through some sort of crisis but it has been great to have he forum, I feel like I'm at my best here..
    8. Raccoon Love
      Raccoon Love
      Raccoon Love wishes MidnightMelody has an awesome day :hug:
    9. bamf
      Holy shit!
      *massive hugs*
    10. Bored Now
      Bored Now
      DARLING! when did you blow back into town? *covers you with huggles*
    11. misslyx
      Hey there! I'm about six months late on getting back to your original response, but yes, I've posted quite a few INFJ videos on YouTube. I really hope you enjoyed them, or they helped in someway. :) Sorry for getting back to you so late! Allie
    12. Bored Now
      Bored Now
      Muah, I'm emailing you my info darling girl! Expect absurd and random emails shortly...
    13. bamf
      I'm gonna miss you around here, twin. :(
    14. Feelings
      "So much agreement my head might bob off." that was so funny!
    15. Bored Now
      Bored Now
      Wait, how are you not on my friends list. I just notice this glaring omission! This must be rectified!
    16. bamf
    17. bamf
      Are you a fan of ee cumings?
    18. slant
      wait, what happened?
    19. TheLastMohican
      Much appreciated. :yo:
    20. bamf
      witty...yeah. it was lame of me
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    September 21
    travel lots and lots be global serve learn to
    Once there was a girl who thought she was alive.

    Really, she just thought she was. She was really long dead and wandered around this world as a phantom, trying to figure out whether or not life had meaning, to what extent, and why in the world so many things scared her.

    All she has to do now is figure out that her ghostly qualities have more of an impact than she realizes.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    I refuse to list the obvious biological ones.

    -artistic expression
    -ways in which to gain knowledge (i.e. books, the internet, etc)
    -familial love
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Honestly I'm constantly evolving, but the constants most definately are:

    Languages. I want to learn them all.
    Instruments, I want to learn them all.
    Countries...well I want to visit most of them anyways.

    I love colors and I am very artsy.

    My interests include sleeping, daydreaming, pondering, looking out of windows, listening to music, listening to music, playing music, rocking chairs, colors, fruit, interesting people, drawing, painting, photoshopping, weather, the weather channel, walks, forests and trees...

    I just looked up and realized that I wrote that "interesting people" interest me. Metaphorical face palm.


    Giving truth always serves the recipient well so long as they are being truthful with themselves.

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