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  • You are a cool guy with interesting things to least that's what I remember :smile:
    I have donated to Amanda Curtis' campaign twice!...and my kids learned to type using a sponge bob typing program we got them for their mac mini back in elementary school.
    True, good intentions aren't good enough unfortunately and sometimes lead people down the wrong path...
    Thanks for the support. They don't see how they are contributing to the harm they are complaining about, it's too bad. People deserve better than black and white thinking.
    Sorry, it took me so long to reply but as you already figured I am doing well.

    How's married life treating you? :)
    Well I'm sorry too. It's personal and it hurts me.

    I grew up in a horribly poor and crime ridden area where race was a very big issue and it effected me very much when the very help systems available are racially biased. I find it absurd that I was more able to leverage small slivers of mixed heritage in seeking any kind of help rather than just being broke and stuck.

    I have LITERALLY encountered an "only black people need food stamps and help!" mentality and it is very sick to me.

    It is painful to be poor and trapped and have people actually expect you to have privilege that does not actually exist for you. That is sad to me and is what is causing me to be angry.
    Thank you! No, no new place just yet. I'm currently in the middle of a job hunt and doing some sales on the side. One of my friends is getting married and I'm once again a bridesmaid, so that's also been taking up a heap of time. Gotta catch up with my girlfriends and land myself a man too. So far, I haven't had much luck in that department, but I'm not too broken up about it.

    How are you? How's married life treating you? How's the job? Email correspondence is definitely a must :)
    I think you're just smelling my birthday on the horizon. Thank you so much for dropping a note, hon. It's always a pleasure to hear from you. We've been putting off a good chat for a long time now. We must catch up. :)
    Wow. I think it's a testament to how infrequently we speak nowadays but this just blows my mind. I still have this image of you as this sweet 19 year old kid with fluffy hair and a mega-watt smile telling me about all his classes and his adventures with the band. My goodness. Congratulations! On your upcoming nuptials AND your dream job.

    As for me, well, I graduated business school in May and now I'm working as a junior appraiser. I'm currently shopping around for my own place. Otherwise, I'm the same ol' hattrick :)
    Oh I am so happy to see you! How are you doing? What's the exciting news? Is there a wedding coming up soon? :)
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