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    Jester's currently off his account at this point as he's busy studying for his exams.

    Check by again later!

    I had always assumed so.

    Love me always, Dannyboy <3
    You can spam my while with messages again.

    Do praise me.
    Simply, Elf, formerly Helpful Elf. I'm honoured by the exclusivity of your list. :)
    Your words are so soothing, mooncalf. In any case, I fancy myself as more of a nincompoop than an imbecile.
    From Wikipedia:

    In English folklore, Puck is a mythological fairy or mischievous nature sprite. Puck is also a generalised personification of land spirits. In more recent times, the figure of Robin Goodfellow is identified as a puck.
    Stupid prank and she had to admit to her trolling because someone found her address and started sending her pizzas to inform her of it.

    She did the trolling as a fundy for quite a while apparently, I must say I'm impressed by her acting.
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