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  • I bought a wreck of a property out in the countryside. I thought it would be a good spartan environment. I read, meditated, and spent time just cleaning up the place (many monastic rules emphasize the importance of physical work). The isolation seemed to be making me even more idiosyncratic and stressed, so I took a few weeks off, which turned into getting over-committed in other projects.
    I'm retired and in my 30's. I don't know if I'll keep it up long-term, but not having high-stress and travel is fine with me for now.

    I ran the hermit experiment, but either I'm not suited, or I didn't give it long enough, so I'm just running around keeping myself busy with some property projects.

    I hope your workload is good-workload and not burning the candle at both ends work. Work has a lot going for it; without the activity restless hands and minds do become a bit of a devil's playground.
    Thank you for your kindness, I so do appreciate it. I value openness in a human being, so please don't apologize. :) You are so right about the aspects of care-giving. In all my years nursing, nothing could have prepared me for one on one care 24/7. I admire the strength that I see in other care-givers and am learning more and more everyday to make myself a priority. I follow your blog and I hope you are doing well too. <3 :hug:
    That's awesome! Congrats I know how bad migraines can be. I was sick for the last few days and just got back my voice so I'm feeling better and I'm taking it easy. I'm glad you enjoy the pics. I love posting them because they are very calming and relaxing. Puts me in a zen state of mind. :)
    Yeah, it's nice to look forward to a little rest and relaxation on the weekends especially after a hectic week. I hope you enjoy it. Yeah, I'm feeling better. Blogging helps and I am also learning to better handle the nerves. Thanks.
    i'm good, and yep still around, this place is kind of an oasis on the internet for me, lol. here's hoping all is well in your life :hug:
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