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  • Hey there darling! Merry Christmas Sweetheart! I hope you're well and that you have a great day!
    ::waves:: Long time no see stranger! I just thought of you for some reason. Weird how that works....
    Hahaha! I'd think that you're an INTP, I don't know why. But I never cared much about the actual typologies to tell you the truth. Still, the test will reassure you on that matter at least. So, your self is the only thing standing in your way huh? Of all the beasts nature created, the one we see in the mirror is the hardest one to be tamed I guess. But if you ask me, sometimes the most important thing one must do is to relax and take a complete rest and stop thinking for a while. No matter how difficult that may sound.
    Eb! Defender of Freedom! Masterful Infj! Proud Elven Champion! Destroyer of the Dark Forces!
    So... Did you rearrange your life the way you intended to? I hope everything turns out well for you. Is there anybody standing in your way? I shall obliterate them for you! Canada isn't that far away. Actually... it is... It's on the other side of the planet from where I'm standing right now :D
    Just made another post on my new blog about the Elk ranch I visited the other day. I am gonna make another post today or tomorrow been too busy lately to get after it lol It's slowly coming together lol Thanks again..
    :m200:Hi bo, I am lol, I was just checking messages and saw that I wondering about your inquiring mind, not only that but also your mink....do you have one?
    Oh great and might Eb! Supreme Lord of the Elves! Keeper of Magical Secrets! Master of Universal Magic! Emperor of the Astral Plane! Proud Defender of Peace! King of Hippies!:P
    How's it going Eb? Everything cool?
    Somehow, it was an all-at-once realisation, that changed my perspective on many things. I can't quite say what the realisation is, but a couple of the perspectives that I gained are:

    'Evil or bad' (not just in the moral sense) is not something, it is a lack where something belongs. Eg. Blindness is not something, it is the lack of vision.
    The more complex something is, the less perfect it is.
    Thankyou for reciprocating. I had a similar eye-opening experience, but it wasn't about causality - it was about being itself (metaphysics).
    You are very welcome. What you wrote was quite relatable, and imo, took courage to write. I really respect that.
    Out of curiosity, what's your enneagram?
    You're welcome, well deserved! And your poem is beautiful. I won't have time to start on it yet with my studying but I'll start looking up fonts, and it'll eventually be very pretty :)
    No prob! The rep was well deserved! I'm glad there's another writer around here; another poet!
    I have a question about your signature: I noticed its from "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," are you making an allusion to the poem (meaning one who has read the poem could gain greater insight into you), or do you just like the line?
    :) You're very welcome! I keep forgetting to thank folks for the rep points...that's something I need to learn too!
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