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Apr 6, 2009
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Aug 16, 1986 (Age: 36)

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Feb 14, 2016
    1. Annabreher
      Happy birthday! Have a good day :)
    2. Matariki
      Happy Birthday! :m024:
    3. Edith
      You too :D night!
    4. Edith
      I'm from New Zealand! :) So I have the laziest accent ever. haha.

      That would be cool actually :)
    5. Edith
      Haha that's the same with my accent!

      Except when I watch tv for a good amount of time (we mostly have American television here) I start to think MINE is the weird one.

      You also have a lovely soft voice. :)
    6. Jungian Trip
      Jungian Trip
      Glad you enjoyed the test!
    7. Melkor
      Good days are for common folk, I have 'resourceful' days ma'am.
      Oh, and yeah, I have elevated passive aggressive musing to an art form.
    8. Melkor
      *Muses up in yo' face*
    9. invisible
    10. rbecca23
      Thanks for you post on "feelings."
      Reminds me that I'm not alone in the world.
    11. bamf
      Thanks for the rep!
    12. Puck
      Merry Christmas! :mxmas:
    13. smiffy
      haha yeah they mumble alot! well the offer stand anyhow, chicago was cool, my friends were great and they were always doing stuff like volleyball,bowling and just chilling I really liked it as they were so social, i also got a teachinbg job today and beat some really good players at tennis! best day of the summer! hows you,up to much for the weekend?
    14. Jess
      Hey how r u?
    15. smiffy
      haha we usually get alot of English hen parties here in Dublin! yeah I think when you grow up in the system it doesnt appear that bad, but when you grow up here its different, think our system is too laid back and yours too intense, ah Tipp/Limerick border yeah they speak funny down there, but there great fun, ah sure if your ever in Dub, feel free to contact me as a guide, I know alot of the fun places to go instead of traditional piss up culture, found the states very entertaining I have to say, Ill give them one thing they know how to have fun, was in Chicago for 3 months,what part did you land yourself in?
    16. smiffy
      both! the job is more rigid with more paperwork in comparison to Ireland, the UK agencies are always trying to recruit me, but theres a reason theyre short teachers, its just too intense for alot of people, In Ireland were are very laid back people(sometimes a bit too much so), I'm from Dublin In Ireland, its a city but would'nt be on the same scale as London, yeah I like it here, theres lots to do, theres a world cultural fair this weekend that Im going to, I need lots of people activities to keep me going, have you done much travelling to other countries?
    17. smiffy
      your part of London looks very classy, I was momentarily living in kent earlier in the year teaching,but its a very strict job in the school i was at and from what i heard England in general
    18. drsolace
      Trackwork sucks doesn't it! They cut off the line from here and Sydney for about a month a little while back. It caused waaay too much havoc =/

      We can see ths steelworks, but thankfully it's about 10km south so we don't have to smell the steelworks, or hear the steelworks :D (I added a picture of it in the thread you made about hometown pictures)

      (From my town's website): Wollongong; "the sound of the sea". The word was pronounced Woll-long-gong, the second syllable being accented, and is supposedly onomatopoeic for the pounding and surging of the waves.

      I wonder what London mean??! hehe
    19. drsolace
      His accent was kinda funny, I love English accents (I keep teasing my mum tellin her that I'm going to marry a girl and start living over there). You say you've got a boyfriend, that's a bummer! :P haha

      Yeah friends have told me how crazy efficient the tube is; if you come to Australia, I'd suggest you don't go anywhere near the train system Cityrail (shitty fail imo).

      Wollongong; a nice aboriginal name. Apart from the steelworks that are a bit south of us it's actually quite a very nice little city!
    20. drsolace
      I know, England is diverse I'll give it that, lots of nice places to go! I went to Durham for undergrad. That is tiny! But very beautiful, a World Heritage site. I've never made it over! Apparently I have cousins there. I would love to go! Where are you based there?

      I'll be sure to visit the Durham when I go :) I was speaking to a bloke that was from Newcastle, he mentioned that not only was the country varied, but also the cultures are quite different even in close proximity to one another. I'm based in Wollongong, which is about 80kms south of Sydney. If you do manage to make it over be sure to give me a buzz :) What about yourself? Are you an inner city lass or a suburbs girl?
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    Aug 16, 1986 (Age: 36)
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
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    Ideas and Knowledge
    Believing there is a God and everything happens for a reason.


    "Although we human beings have our own personal life, we are yet in large measure the representatives, the victims and promoters of a collective spirit whose years are counted in centuries. We can well think all our lives long that we are following our own noses, and may never discover that we are, for the most part, supernumeraries on the stage of the world theatre" (Jung)