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    Farewell mate.
    May Odin be with you and lead you to Valhalla.
    I usually go out to a familliar bar with familliar friends and have familliar times. I most like the outdoors though..just walking and exploring. Or staying at home writing or reading or playing video games or cooking. Stuff like that.
    That's really cool. We get tons of snow here. (I'm in US, Midwest region.) Last year, my roommate and I were so bored of being snowed in that we decided to go bowling. Twas quite treacherous travels, but it was an adventure getting there.

    Your type is meant to be with an INFJ? Is that what you mean? Well, I don't know about all that stuff. I mean, there is so much variation in INFJs just on this board. Would you settle for any one of them just because they are INFJ? I don't think mbti is good in matchmaking. I've met some amazing INFJ friends here, and then I've met a few horrors (which I've actually had to block from my facebook they were so scary). So, I wouldn't really worry about making sure the people you meet are INFJs. You could meet some really awesome people of all different types. People like to complain about ESTJs, but my brother is an ESTJ and he is one of the greatest people I know. He's a ton wiser, funnier, clever, and open-minded than some INFJs. Just make sure you don't get too caught up in type. You seem like a really funny and personable guy to me.
    Heck yeah. I like socializing in smaller groups. I've noticed that in smaller groups, the discussion tends to be more worldly and also personal. Big groups are just shennanigans (which I do enjoy every now and again!) Gah. I'm not big on getting into chat rooms. Believe it or not, I find them awkward. Haha!
    Hmm. Well I don't know if I have high expectations of people. I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, though it is difficult for me to make friends.. I just chalk it up to being cautious about expressing myself.. For I am miserly with my energies.

    But, I do think that people are capable of much more than they let on or accept. Lots of untapped potential and all that. So there are those expectations.

    So what do you teach? What grade? What inspired you to be a teacher? Makes sense that after school you don't feel too social. Nobody is completely extroverted or introverted. ENFP supposedly is the most introverted extrovert, so they say.

    As for the forums.. I do tend to get a lot out of socializing here. See, when I go out with a group of friends I do more listening and observing than conversing and whatnot. I'm slow to react, and moderate myself. Most of my friends are way more outgoing than me, so it's kind of easy to get lost in a crowd. On here, it's kind of easier to talk. Plus more intellectually stimulating.
    yeah I have a friend of mine an INTP although hes a INTP tough guy he has a real soft spot for animals even above humans ha thanks its me dressed up for halloween as an 80's gym instructor. people cqn be very tiring and if you have high standards which Im guessing you do you prob find alot of people just are hard work and insensitive?, Im a teacher so I get to deal so much with people that when I go home I just dont wanna talk, I find it so puzzling the way people get so much off internet sites like this, I like it but I dont think I spend as much time as most users on it, what got you into mBTI in the first place?
    Ahhh!! I love the Planet Earth series! I've not seen Blue Planet though, I'll have to check that out. I get all emotional watching those nature shows.. hehe I suppose I'm big into nature.. what little time I am allowed to actually be in it.
    Truth be told, I envy extroverts. I wish I were sparkly social. I wish I had the energy to branch out to other people and make connections... I do enjoy being internally driven though, so to speak. Your profile picture is amusing, btw. Haha!
    I like your ideas for a dress! Ha!
    I am excessively introverted, so the lone librarian thing is a big draw for me.
    I am mostly envious that they communicate by glowing different colors. Pretty awesome!
    what did I want to say?

    no, I'm not irish, and have never found a way to learn Gaelic, as its such a small language, but I would love to learn! its such a beautiful language!
    rolling on the floor took me a minute to actually notice that this was a sh*t faced person lying face down in dirt. I don't know how people get that wasted...lololol
    No I've always been an INFJ I just tend to go P when as a coping mechanism thats partly from having a ESTJ
    30 films! now that would kill me! staying still for that long, find spectating tough, big class? hopefully you will get to know people in no time
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