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  • Wow. It's a beautiful job! Have you interacted with a member on the forum here named nevewhere? She posted the other day she's thinking of getting a tattoo of a tree with sparrows/birds flying away from it. I told her about you planning to get this one.
    I tried to look at your avatar picture to see if the tatoo is the new one. But it won't get any larger for me - so I cannot tell. Did you post it in the picture thread? or maybe jimtaylor's tattoo thread?
    Ouch. I'm sorry that keeps happening to you. I'm about to have breakfast. Are you about to sit down with a good book?
    I haven't read them yet, I have watched a few interviews with the author though and bought the first one in hardback the other day. I hope that I will enjoy the authors writing because I enjoy his story a lot.
    Haha oh man, I was just wide eyed at one that was posted earlier...this gal is saying she is going to name her new baby boy Lotus. For either gender I don't really like it as a first name, but I think maybe it could work as a middle name...for a girl. A first name on a BOY?! D: I feel sorry for him already.
    YES I saw that while looking at girls names! I was like...umm holy crap, it wasn't that high in 2010!!! What?! Haha...oh well. I still haven't met that many Masons. Or Jacobs for that matter, and it is number one. Oh well! I still think his name fits him.
    Aurora Jane! Unless something particularly splendid comes to mind before she comes along, that shall be it! I just really want to nick name her Rory also. XD
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