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  • Matariki! You are a precious soul out there in there in the universe. Please try to accept the gifts people give to you. Practice accepting them. They may come in the form of a smile, a wink, a challenge, a hug, a statement in the form of "You Are AWESOME! I too had problems accepting those accolades in the form of gifts. Life has turned out to be amazing since I consciously chose to accept them. I hope you try it. :hug:
    [Happy anniversary of being squeezed from your mother's vagina]

    Yes. WHAT!? By anyone HERE, or anyone in general?? You are most definitely an asset to our community, and any community, I am sure. Chin up, baby. ;)

    I love reading your stuff, your artwork is amazing, and the pictures you post always speak to me. Not to mention that you have been very compassionate to me here when I first started opening up. I appreciate you very much. :) *hugs*
    YES. Are you kidding?! I had so many other words... but... yeah. That one. I greatly esteem you, Madame. :)
    Happy B-Day almost too late! Well, it's still technically your birthday where I'm at... :)
    Do you still have that picture you drew for me? I was going to rep you for it and ask if I could keep it.
    :( :hug: :hug: :hug: hugs from me to you :) I hope you get well soon and that you enjoy your time in the hospital even if it doesn't seem enjoyable .

    No, I seriously love it. It's perfect. It says so much about me, you don't even know. Excellent work. :D
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