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  • Extremely intuitive? I guess so. Although my life experiences help it along I think.
    Someone here called me psychic today because I contacted them right at their crisis point. After hearing what they had to say I gave them some good answers. I had no prior knowledge of what was actually happening before I pm'd them. I hope it works out for them.
    I'm glad others have noticed you too.
    Thanks Matariki for your very nice words. I appreciate them. It helps me affirm I'm in the right field. You gotta admit - though - that I'm pretty old compared to most here and I just "appear" to know stuff. LOL You come up with good perspectives also - you know. You seem softer Matariki. It's nice to see in you.
    hi!!! :)) :)) I think I just got lazy to go online a lot :)) and I've been trying to cope up with the real world ... but yeah.. sometimes.. there are just days when you just can't take it and you want to lock yourself up :)) :)) that's when I come back here :)) or.. whenever I feel like it :) :)
    Hey do you have a personal site or blog where you put up your art projects? Your DeviantArt page is great but I'd love to see more.
    Thanks for the tips. I'll keep that in mind when I go looking, but I need to get a job before I can even think about any of that. Speaking of, I just applied a bunch of places. Some of them have medical benefits so I'll be able to go to the doctor about my insomnia and depression finally.
    My friends and I just started rewriting a story from last year. It's post-apocalyptic and we're really excited about it. He's hoping to get it made into an anime at some point, That would be cool.
    So how have you been? How goes training?
    Ninjutsu was always the one I liked the best. Everytime I look into it, it looks like something I'd enjoy. (Not just because of western culture ninjas either)
    She's at work now. I'll probably be able to talk to her tonight.
    Oh yeah I read your blog. Training sounds hard. I always sparred with my friends but I never ended up in any martial arts. (I always wanted to though) Maybe I'll get around to it later on. Good luck in your fight.
    I'm pretty sure Mom will side with dad. I know I have some insurance but I don't know what it covers. I think I've mentioned that I've had trouble sleeping to her, but I don't think she knows how bad it is. She has some sleep aids in her room, I've thought about taking them before, but I'm not sure if I should. They are just over the counter sleep aids.
    It doesn't sound stupid. It's a good suggestion. I'd probably be able to walk down to a local medical center as long as I mapquested where the closest one is. The problem is paying for it. That's the reason that what my dad says about it matters, I can't pay for a visit without him.
    I haven't seen a GP in a few years. I took some of my allergy medicine to help me sleep for a while but I stopped that. I know mom doesn't have time to take me and Dad doesn't think depression exists and thinks I just stay up late on purpose so he would never take me. I do exercise a lot though.

    I really don't go to sleep until early in the morning. (Usually at like 4-6 am) but lately it's been extremely random. One day I might not sleep until 2 in the afternoon then fall asleep again at like 8 pm.
    It's mostly overthinking and depression for me. Feelings of worthlessness/hopelessness. Late at night seems to be the worst, I guess it's because that seems to be when there is no one to talk to.
    I don't stay up for days at a time but I do tend to run on 2-4 hours of sleep night. sometimes I have a nap in the afternoon, and somedays I just crash for hours at a time. *hugs I'm sorry. Have you found anything that helps you sleep?
    I'm always have a lot of trouble sleeping. I don't really know why. I slept quite a bit today though. What's kept you up?
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