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  • haha yeah. I almost never wear it because I'm broke and don't want to run out. I don't think I've worn it in six months.
    I've never smelled that one but I hear it smells pretty good. I have Very Irresistible by Givenchy. yum!
    y u no reply
    maybe u didn't see it
    eh I forgot if I told you this or not but I finally learned how my dad found out about Andreas Johnson. He heard a soundtrack on some 20/20 like show that featured "Glorious" and he even called the studio up and tried to ask what the song was and he could not locate it. One day he finally heard it on the radio and then they said the name and he made a mix CD with it on it. He then ordered a CD with mixes of Johnson's glorious song in different techno beats, such as this:
    Hello there,

    Yes, it's quite freeing indeed! I'm not an expert on how to tell whether or not it's safe. I was able to get it through a friend of a friend who was very trusted. I also found that if you do a google search there is a lot of information in which shapes/colours of the pills are the safest. It will describe to you the high you will get from them as well. If you have a trusted source you can go to I think you should be okay.
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