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  • Where arrrre youuuuu???

    So, i had a dream last night that I was travelling cross country and you met me at this ski lodge or something and I was running toward you shrieking your name all excitedly, lol. :D

    Hugs. I miss you.
    Oh hey, thanks. No worries, I'm fine -- not at all offended or bothered. I just didn't want it to turn into an argument or to pursue it needlessly.
    Yeah, I was in a really bad mood yesterday. I'm finding the forum drama really grating tbh and when I thought you were dragging it into the thread I got hella pissed. I don't think I was wrong in that, but hey, maybe we have differing opinions.
    Thanks! When I get back to editing that document (it's fallen down the priority list a bit) I'll use that section. I actually found another "list" and that is the passage referenced :)
    No I mean the OP was trolling and thusly the whole thread is one big troll.
    That's what I'm saying!! I have no idea what the conversation is and you wont tell me!
    maybe we're here to get you to learn some damn patience and acceptance. it's not worth blowing a blood vessel because other people have fun or are inferior to you oh great christian. i want to see some humility from you, then i can take you seriously. i mean you no harm, yet you always react so strange. i suppose i'm just trying to figure out what i'm doing to cause these strange reactions and if i can help stop them.
    You're just gonna have to take me with a grain of salt man. I find our interaction hilarious, I wish you would see humor in it like I do.
    I see what you are saying. I made a mistake in my delivery. It's been noted, trust me.
    I've decided a few things regarding Christianity that I'd like to share, and the only way I can get them out is to articulate them in response to another human being, so I'm gonna use your neg to do so. I'd like this to be a discussion, not an argument or condemnation.
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