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  • Ha, funny! Yes, I am definately young at heart. I still pass for much younger too. I have very young kids also, so I better stay that way!!
    Thanks for the abstract. You know I have to ask--explain please? Am I grasping at that which can't be held?
    I guess it makes me feel alive. It just lets me know that I'm connected to the outside world. I love it when my hair blows with it.
    *hugs* Thanks!

    I really did! Though, I've always had a fascination with "what could have been", so I just felt connected to the film when I watched it. I believe in fate to some degree, but of course there will always be the factor of choice. Sort of reminds me of the ending quote from Forrest Gump... "I don't know if Momma was right or if, if it's Lieutenant Dan. I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it's both. Maybe both is happening at the same time." ^^ (I'm a quote whore, really. Consider yourself warned.)
    Thanks dude, I listened to some of it and so far so good :), I especially liked the one's from Bethoveen and Palchelbel. Yeah, if you know some more please feel free to send them to me. You have a good night too and thanks again.
    Hello and thanks ^^ It wasn't as much high school, more like middle school. I'm sorry you were picked on. Sometimes the kids who were picked on go the farthest like Bill Gates and Albert Einstein.
    Yes I'm sure it will! I was there last summer and I loved it :/ About the medical system - So I've heard. My stepdad wanted a health insurance (Walmarts own) to get a minor surgery. So he applied and he was practically ensured that he would get it. But then he found out that he didn't get it and is now not ALLOWED to apply to any others. (BASTARDS xD)

    I could write a long list but to make it short. I love the people. The hospitality and the welcoming loving concern. The casuality and the acceptance! And Walmart ofc ^^ Here is a short clip that demonstrates why USA appeals to me.
    Haha so do you ;) Love the super profession. I want one of those too ;o
    In the near future, I'm going to America for what my mothers fiance calls a 'realitycheck'. I will probably also do an exchange year or two of my Medicine-years in USA. But my final move to America will be when I'm a doctor, at 22 :(
    Thanks :D I'm currently saving up for a cello or harp.

    I'm thinking about recording. I write my own songs so I'm just waiting until I have enough to make a complete album. I have 7 songs already, I think. :)
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