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  • Hi daydreamer,
    Years ago you took a personality test from a personal page I was developing. Back then it was a rough concept and the page was not near finished. I wasn't even aware or meant for people to visit, until I found this forum thread.

    I finally got time to revisit and re-post it. I would love for you to check it out and give me any feed back.
    Yeah, bee stings=unfun. I got stung in the palm of the hand at work once, which really sucked as it was near the start of my shift and wearing gloves off and on all night long was painful.

    Umm... he thinks they are because he's met them and the one really is obese and his supervisor told him she was in her 60's.

    Yeah, we bought him a truck last spring; just an old beater. And it's not a stick, so it's easy, although he picked that up driving stick-shifts quickly, anyway.

    He says he's bored as shit, as he's probably welded 30-40,000 rings for wreaths in the last two weeks.

    Yep, I got the good teeth genes. :D Also, the good hair genes, the narrow pelvis genes, and the big boob genes. All the rest of my genes are meh. =P
    Just be careful, boxing is a very rude sport, but I'm pretty happy that you're involved in it. I will finally be able to call someone to defend me when I'm in trouble haha Keep it up.

    I'm actually graduating from Psychology :D

    A hybrid? Are you kidding? Those are very very expensive, and too complicated for my tastes lol No, I'm getting a simple automatic Honda or Nissan, you know, the good old automobiles.

    I actually agree that you can be an ENFP. You have that aura for some reason. Though you could be an ESFP, have you considered it? Either way, you're just too fantastic-that should be your type ;)
    hay just got back from work and a shower see that you are on now thats good that nothing bad happened except for your teeth and im so jealous that you got to swim with dolphins take me with you next time lol
    Why are your hands never up? Last time I've checked, that is a very bad idea in boxing :D Not much has been happening darling, just surviving and keeping it chill. Thrilled as this is my last semester in college(finally!), and I still have no clue as to what I'll be doing after that. I'm also excited that in a week or so I'll be buying a car and hopefully doing more travel. Let's see what happens.
    Congrats with entering college, a new phase of your life full of opportunities and experiences. You're taking boxing? How is it going with that? I hope they're not beating you to a pulp haha jk jk. I'm happy as well to talk to you always :)
    Yeah, there usually isn't much room for wisdom teeth, and they can crowd your molars. I never had a problem with that though. In fact dentists, always ask me if I've had orthodontic work done, as my teeth are perfectly straight.
    I never did though, they just grew in that way naturally. But my teeth didn't come in until I was almost a year old, which is better for their formation. I had to have my one wisdom tooth pulled because it chipped and cracked and was very painful.
    They just numbed me with some gel, gave me a shot of novocaine, and yanked it right out. I iced my jaw as soon as I got home, before the shot wore off, so I had virtually no pain afterwards, no real swelling, and very little bruising.
    Why did you have yours removed? Did you ever have to have braces or anything?
    Nah, doesn't seem weird to ask. He just grabs a sandwich and a soda on his breaks while he sits in his truck. There's not much time to do anything else. He only gets three ten minute breaks a day, and he works 10 hour days M-Th.
    He says he prefers working second shift (3pm-1am) because it's cooler. He also likes getting the full 40 hours and still always having a three day weekend.
    Bees bother me, too. But spiders are worse imo.

    Jason's coworkers might be jealous that he does better than they do even though he's a temp/n00b, but I suppose it's more likely that next to him they look like slackers and they're probs worried the part rate requirements will be increased.
    He doesn't care. He's more of a loner anyway, and just wants to get the work done so he can come home, get cleaned up and get on XBox live with his online buds. I was hoping he'd meet a girl he was interested in, but there are only
    two women on that shift. One he guesstimates weighing about 400 pounds, and the other is in her 60's, so no luck there, lol.
    Thanks, nah I wouldn't say I'm advanced at it or anything. I tend to pick up sports quickly though. Mastering them is a lot harder though.
    Eh, sort of. I like snowboarding and stuff like that. Nothing much that involves other people. lol.
    Welcome. :D

    I pretty much like all mammals, reptiles and amphibians. I just hate insects and arachnids. Spiders scare me.
    So cool that you got to swim with dolphins!

    Jason thinks his job is easy and boring, except for when he starts himself on fire, lol. He consistently cranks out way more than rate,
    even when his machines are down, like over 3000 parts per day, which is better than the regular workers. All those years of video games
    really improved his dexterity, haha. His coworkers get pissed at him sometimes, but he's no slacker. He figures he's there to work,
    and isn't going to screw off just to make people like him. Inefficiency annoys him more than bitchy whiners.

    No, I had all four wisdom teeth, but only one was bad. They wanted to yank them all, but I didn't see the point since I had no problem with them,
    and I would've had to pay for it out of pocket, so I just had them pull the one. I still have the other three.
    Here's a link to my page on dA, in case you want to check it out. Some of my work won't be visible, due to mature content, just so you know.

    Jase is in the factory again, one of the places he temped for last year. He welds rings for wreaths. And yeah, he's still into his herps; wants to get a couple of water dragons this time, so they have companionship.
    Lol at the chipmunk image! I had only one of my wisdom teeth pulled; annoying, but not too bad. The hysterectomy hurt so much, though. I'm glad it's over.
    And you're welcome! :D
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