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  • Tell me about it! :( I just remembered today that April only has 30 days, lol! So I now have one less day to get my booty in gear and do some serious writing in order to meet the deadline. BLARG!!!!!!!!
    Did you check out the thread Res put out about the contest? She put pix and story-lines in there to come up with there are all kinds of idea generators that are free online if you're really stuck and don't like what you have so far.
    I promised myself I now I guess I have to, lol. But I keep procrastinating.
    I have it all outlined in my head and the basic gist of storyline written out, though. But there's been a lot going on and I'm too distracted to settle down and write it. Then I think of having to type it later...blarg. I am so laaaaazzzyyyyy, lol!
    oh hey! haven't seen you on in awhile. We're doing okay. And finally got a tentative date for my surgery...scary, but yays! How be you?
    maybe the lawnmower and the bunny didnt care about their racial differences and became friends?...=3
    We're okay. The EF3 tornado that hit last Sunday in my hometown didn't do any damage by our house, but a lot of others had their homes leveled, and there are a lot of people out of work since the industrial park (factory area) got hit bad. Thankfully, no one died, although there were some injuries. The sirens saved a lot of people.
    Well officially I'm muslim, so yes I am.
    Even if I don't believe in God or even care about religion.

    Do u beleev in god??
    you changed the picture?
    the koran one was better... evne if you're kind of racist
    That sucks...but your emphatic monkeys made me lol in spite of your obvious distress.
    Sorry, but I'm still lol-ing...
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