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  • Wow, you have been super busy! The getting ready for college and traveling sounds exciting. What places have you visited?
    I've been busy with my poetry on deviantArt, won a contest and had a few of my poems featured recently, and was poet of the month for July in one of my groups there.
    Lot of stuff going on with my extended family, of the bs kind, but the good things are helping me get through.
    Recovering well from my surgery, it's just taking longer than I expected.
    Jase is doing well. Got himself a FT temp job for the next few months so he can save a bit of cash to build his epically proportioned vivarium, lol.
    I'll let him know you asked about him and have been on more often recently, so he can contact you again. :D
    lol you sure seemed hyper in that post. My summer has been going great, playing world of warcraft all day and getting fat as a ball because of it haha How are you? Welcome back
    Hey! Where the hell have you been? (looks like I'm not the only one who's wondering. Roflmao at Majesty's comment!)
    How's it going?
    It's hard to find fun, interesting quizzes, but I'll post them whenever I find them...and thanks for the rep :)
    Well, I suppose no one really likes criticism, but since it's important to improve ourselves and our work, it's best to learn how to do it as kindly as possible. Some people just use criticism as a way of showing off how smart they are by making someone else feel stupid. Real criticism gives advice and helps improve the work.

    Yes, it's getting to be that time of year again...I should just resolve to stop having birthdays so I don't get chronologically older, lol. I don't think that will work though.

    Jay's doing okay...out doing his own thing so I don't see him too much. I think we're overdue for a long mommy-son talk! I think my upcoming surgery bothers him, but he won't talk about it and always changes the subject. I think the real reason is he doesn't want to be home with just dad and the sisters while I'm in the hospital, lol.
    I understand what you mean. I identify so strongly with what I write, that when it get criticized, I take it as a criticism of me. But if criticism is constructive, it adds to and improves the work instead of tearing it down. A very wise man on this forum taught me that. Some people just don't know how to critique well.

    I still feel a bit of...shame? or something when I get a less than perfect critique, but I try to remember that the purpose is not to judge me, but to help me make my writing as good as it can be. It's an excellent learning experience, and if we learn from our mistakes, we keep getting better. It just takes time and lots of practice.
    Still procrastinating, lol. Actually, I've been pretty busy, so taking time to work on my story has been difficult...too many interruptions! But I'll get there. And I feel better knowing I'll have time to edit it a little more...I have to constantly improve/perfect my work, lol.

    Glad I was able to help you with your idea somewhat. :)
    Hey...just noticed that the deadline has been extended to May 15th. Didn't know if you noticed that, but I thought I'd let you know that now you has lotsa time to daydream up a good idea! YAYS!!!!
    I think any topic would've been challenging, given the time limitation. Are you trying to write it as a classic tale? I'm sure that's harder as that's been done so many ways already. And it wouldn't have to be sci-fi; maybe just modernize it? And I remember you dislike horror. Most fairy tales were originally pretty dark until Disney remade a lot of them; the original little mermaid was quite sad with it's religious overtones. Maybe you could just use the theme of your protagonist just wanting to be a part of another world. That feeling is universal. The best thing to do, imo, is decide on your theme/message/plot, then go from there. And it doesn't have to be an actual fairy tale, if I understand it correctly. What would a modern day girl from cali do if she fell in love with a merman, for example? Idk...I wish I could help you more...
    Still going with the little mermaid? Have you tried telling the story from another character's POV? Or changed the time period? Or mixed it up with another fairy tale and smooshed them together? Or reversed it completely so it's a human that wants to join the underwater folk? There's lots you can do...but inspiration is hard to come by when you have a deadline...I know. Hope something sparks an idea for you!
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