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  • Lol, thanks.. I get that a lot about the calming vibe. It's a nice trait to have, now if only I could focus it inward. :wink: If you have any ideas, let me know. :D
    You have nice tastes in music!
    I like mostly metal (black and doom to be more exact) ,classical music and pretty much anything else that catches my ear .lol! But I've never actually made any music myself.
    So,you actually write songs yourself?
    Woah, and if that's the only line, car it is then! Ridiculous, you'd think there'd be a more efficient way! I see your steelworks. They're not as scary as the four chimney thingies we get here. I think they're power stations. They're too big and concrete and it freaks me out! Those just kinda blend in with the horzon, they're not too bad... That is a nice meaning of the name isn't it :) London comes from Londinium which means got no clue lol. Ask the Romans! Or I will probs look up at some stage...
    Oh really? I have massive issues with the tube, we have engineeringf works here every weekend right now, so they shut off literally half the lines sometimes! That is a killer, but there's normally some other route in. I reckon the French transport system is defo the best! And Vienna. the European ones in general... I get a bit scared of industry, can you see the steelworks from there? I may look this up! What does Wollongong mean?
    Wow! It's very nice of you that you are trying to make your mother and uncle get along together.Let me know if you are succesful in that.
    I believe that nature is as equally important as nurture. I think it's a 50%-50% ratio between them. At least this is what I like to believe.:)
    Anyway,I read at your 'About Me' that u love music.So do I.It would be hard to imagine a world without music. So ,what kind of music do you like?
    Ha, Newcastle is the coolest of the accents here, in my opinion :p. Yes there are different cultures and different accents/ dialects. For example Liverpool and Manchester, about 1 hour drive from eachother and totally different accents altogether. I'm from London, in the suburbs. But it only takes me 20 minutes to get to central London because the trains are so good here. It's great when you're young but I don't know whether I'd want to settle here, that remains to be seen. I've not heard of Wollongong, but it has a cool name, I'd like to see it :)
    Haha no it's not exactly working for me either :). I even tried that circular breathing thing, but I don't think I have mastered the technique yet :D. Yeah that youtube guy is great! Someday, somehow.. we will be just as good!
    You want to know how the human brain works!?- That will take you a lot more than 5 years. :)
    Yes,I am very interested in psychiatry.I am a med student right now and an aspiring psychiatrist.:D ( A lot of people think I'm clinicaly insane ,aswell lol)
    You are very lucky your uncle was a psychiatrist .You must have learned a lot from him.
    What I am really interested in is the link between genes ,brain chemestry and human behaviour.I am however a big fan of the humanistic movement in psychiatry/psycology.
    I know, England is diverse I'll give it that, lots of nice places to go! I went to Durham for undergrad. That is tiny! But very beautiful, a World Heritage site. I've never made it over! Apparently I have cousins there. I would love to go! Where are you based there?
    Don't get your hopes up with the snow, that really depends on where you are! Right, advice... Lancaster: very small but pretty, and close to the Lake District if you like walking, countryside etc. Bath: Great architecture! Nice part of the country, near Bristol fro nightlife. Very hilly though! East Anglia... This would be bottom of the 5 for me. Norfolk is the most detached part of the country for transport links etc. Plus I find it quite hostile to foreigners. And that would be me as well, they're funny with anyone not from Norfolk! Exeter: great place, quite small but friendly, a few people I know went there and loved it. Sheffield: My boyfriend went there and loved it, great nightlife, biggest of the ones you've listed, loads of activities etc. Near good countryside too. Your choice!
    How ridiculous, I forgot your seasons are opposite!!! You have sunny Christmas, of course! Yes winter is my favourite too :) oh where you heading to on exchange? Which uni I mean?
    The pleasure's all mine. :) Got any decent sound out of that didgeridoo yet? :)
    Oh, yes it does! In fact it's just gone 10. Weather bright but not sunny, a little wind. I sound like a pilot. Scorching heat over there? Intense summers must be quite tiring!
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