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  • Haha, one of the reasons I put Kant back on the shelf. I used to be into philosophy a lot more and could understand it better, but nowadays I just find it stuffy and boring. I'll agree psychology is much more interesting. :) And hmm, the gothic subculture... well in high school I was into the attire because of its aesthetic appeal. It was interesting and creative and most of all, dark. Which I always felt an inclination to. Music... is a lengthy topic. lol. I noticed you have a little yahoo messenger icon. Do you mind if I contact you through there? If you do it's fine, I'm just feeling like I'm spamming your message box. x.x
    Immanuel Kant? Yes, I do vaguely remember his transcendental idealism, which was my introduction to a few ideas. But my notion of transcendentalism came through the american transcendentalists, or the "Concord Intellectuals", which was more of a literary movement between 1830-1860. The pioneers being Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau whom I consider my mentors. Their words and ideas have been incredibly influential on me. Enough to consider Walden by Thoreau, to be my bible. The whole movement just really resonated with me and everything I've felt as a youngin. :D
    Wow, really? I guess my intuition was right to add you. :)
    I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping so I'm restless and lethargic throughout the day, but other than that I'm alive and somewhat well. Haha.
    And yourself?
    Despite my opposition to the emo subculture I still at least have some semblance of liking towards the goth subculture, formerly being an advocate myself. :D
    Ooo music, you are so right, it's hard to imagine a world without it! I listen to mainly electronic music of any genre. But if you put metal near me I won't hesistate to bang my head \m/

    I also make a bit of music myself, at the moment it's faux piano and faux guitar mixed together to try and make some faux pop songs hehe, if you wanna check em out there's a few here: http://mulquin.net/songday/

    What kind of music are you into?
    You want to know how the human brain works!?- That will take you a lot more than 5 years. :)

    Haha oh definitely, I'm hoping that will be my final "A-Ha" moment before passing, it would be a happy way to end :)

    Yes,I am very interested in psychiatry.I am a med student right now and an aspiring psychiatrist.:D ( A lot of people think I'm clinicaly insane ,aswell lol)

    Good on ya, very noble profession. Well you'd have to be just a teensy bit insane if you want to help understand your patients and treat them accordingly.

    You are very lucky your uncle was a psychiatrist .You must have learned a lot from him.

    Mmm I'd like to say I did. I see a lot of myself in him (I'm pretty sure he's an ENTP). I've seen the way he treats my mother (secretary/administrator/she takes on way too much and doesn't defend herself [INTP]) and it makes me sad. I'm in the process of formulating a plan to help her connect with her brother (and be a voice when he starts to get unreasonable). So maybe I could learn from him by defending my mother against him? (a bit of a master/apprentice thing thats going on all in my head lol)

    What I am really interested in is the link between genes ,brain chemestry and human behaviour.I am however a big fan of the humanistic movement in psychiatry/psycology.

    Awesomme, gettin your neuronerd on :D. Are you a believer of nature over nuture? Ooo a quick wiki later, humanistic psychology sounds very cool. I believe that the experience of the individual is as much, if not more important than any statistic or qualitative method.
    Yeah pretty much anything to do with the brain gives me a metaphorical hard on. My uncle is a psychiatrist (and near clinically insane himself I swear). When I was 15 I decided that my mission would be to figure out how that man's brain works... 5 years later, I'm still struggling to figure it out -_-

    What about yourself? I noticed you like psychiatry and medicine. Is it that you're more interested in the medical reasoning behind the mind?
    Thanks for the accept :) Ooo, Diet Coke is the BOMB right? Waay beeter than that original nonsense
    No worries :D It took me a bit to figure it out as well. Hope you enjoy your time here.
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