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    I play guitar, but I'm not good at it at all so.. :p
    Okay, I'll check them out when I'm back from uni, but what instrument do you play?
    I'm assuming you do since you know he plays an ibanez Jem.

    Marry me.. pls..
    You listen to steve vai!

    I loves you :D
    I am off for the night.
    take care and good luck on finding whatever it is that you're looking for =)
    hey hey =)
    yeah! man my college is so demanding, but i am coping well with it.
    what baout you? how you been?
    You have so much depth.....and we are the same age, living so close to each make me feel like a failure as an INFJ. :(
    You listen to Tool, Steve Vai, ...
    I want YOU to become my friend.
    Please? :|
    It's really cool that your read all that. I never understood philosophy that much :)lol
    I usually tend to read a lot of phychology stuff.
    You mentioned that u like the gothic subculture ,right?! So I must ask ,what are your views over it and what kind of music do u like?
    I had a bit of a hectic week and now I'm planning to be as lazy as posible in the weekend. :)
    So ,I see you are interested in transcendalism. Are you familiar with Kant's work by any change?
    Pleasure indeed. I came across what you said "It is a comfort to the unfortunate to have had companions in woe". VERY inspiring! I have been quite blind to see that but its truly awakening. :)
    Hello and thank you for adding me as a friend.
    I'm an INFJ Gemini ,too and I absolutly can't live without green tea.:D
    So ,how are you doing?
    LOL! it's okay I liked it
    the best thing to have inthe morning other than breakfast, is a bit of silliness makes life so much less serious hehe
    ok, I g2g catch my bus...I am excited! hehe
    I'll ttyl :) and have a good day
    it is a lovely morning =) and I am doing alright, getting ready for my frosh orientation, I am excited :becky:
    and you? how are you? why up so early? hehe
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