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  • That's okay. I don't blame you for being caught up in your emotions. I just want to let you know again that I am here if you need someone to talk to, if you need to write out a pm with all your feelings or an email or anything, just let me know. I know how hard it can be (although I know it's different for everyone) and if I can make it better for you, even a little bit, I want to.

    I find I have little patience for much of anything these days...might just be due to the circumstances. I should draw sometime when I have enough time to really concentrate on it...which will be in about 10 years, lol
    lol, I've made attempts but I don't think I ever had the patience to really practice. I'm one of those types who gets really frustrated if I don't understand something pretty quickly. One of my lovely flaws.
    Ha yes! I used to act all jealous of him because he could play and I couldn't...he could play just about anything he touched. I sort of pretended to play bass guitar lol.
    I'm fine. I just don't feel like posting at the moment. I'll be back soon. I'm just having a break from the forum. <3
    I know it...every time I eat corn bread, I always think of him saying "You gon eat yo cornbread?" Lol
    I agree totally. I know he wouldn't want everyone to mope around forever, he'd be making an ass of himself in an attempt to cheer everyone up. I always enjoyed that.
    He sure did...in fact, the last time I saw him, he was much more worried about me because I was having a hard time with work and my kids and under a lot of stress and I'd had a sort of mini-breakdown about a week prior. I so wish that I hadn't been so wrapped up in my own issues to see that he was having so many of himself.
    Good, but not that much anymore because I just finished my oreos and milk and the amazing sensation of doing that is over. :(

    I need inspiration. I'm thinking of reviving my blog. I enjoyed the interaction with others that came from it but i quickly ran out of things to post. What are you supposed to write about in the damn things anyway?
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