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  • Haha, I don't find them crazy
    I find them beautiful... :)
    And if you think you're crazy.. then you're not alone with that one!
    Haha.. we are both crazy in a good way, I know lol.. :m124:
    they've made it to where you have to donate to be able to change it. It's like $5 or something.
    the admins and mods don't change names anymore - there's a thread somewhere about it that deathjam started but i can't find it at the moment.
    send me the link to the post then the link to the thread and i'll move it
    No, I have not. I don't see myself as an Astrologer, I can't see myself as an astrologer. I am not even trying to deny some soul urge to be an astrologer, in fact I am a sceptic, not a cynic mind you, a sceptic. I still see it as a source of unfalsifiable information. Interesting indeed and surprisingly accurate at times, but still unfalsifiable.
    Well I began to study it roughly an year ago due to pure curiosity and ended up knowing enough to make people think I am an astrologer, forcing me to explain very delicately that I am absolutely not what they think of me and that what I say does not mean as much as they would like to know that it means. For example if someone somehow has Neechebanga Raja Yoga in their chart I am telling them that they would probably get a chance to become of high authority, instead of magically becoming a president or something like that, on top of reminding them that in this day and age they could be in leadership position in any kind of area, from Presidents of Companies to Book Club organisers, or Managers of that one petrol station in the middle of nowhere.
    Well ... the things with me are going forward, and that is to be fair the best description I can give. I learn new things about myself and managed to find many people to learn from. After quite the headaches and anger I felt for quite a while from a good amount of disappointments I had to experience it is nice to feel the useless weight dropping off your chest and breathing some fresh air clearly.

    I will help solve your problem if you give me your birth details like date, place and time of birth. I have a more than decent understanding of VEDIC astrology, witch I personally find to be more accurate, even if astrology being by itself unfalsifiable. It would be nice for you to get a bit of a different perspective. If you agree please promise me to not think of me as an Astrologer.
    Hi! 'Sup?

    I've checked your last message and you said "existential crisis", witch made me feel like a horrible person for not responding. Now I am at your services. Would you mind sharing more?
    You think you're impatient? Hahahahahaha.... Oh man.... I'm about ready to explode! I feel you.... and of course we need to go through this feeling lost, confused, frustrated, bored, sad at loss of ego, etc to learn how to live in the present moment. Honestly I don't know how we're going to master that because we are constantly having to navigate the current 3d world where we need to make money and stay on time. This is a juggle for sure. Yes. I am ready to be in New Earth and get the Healing started. Thank you for sharing with me and letting me share journey. It is most helpful for me. :hug:
    I don't know when I started being a "lightworker" for I didn't seek it nor believe I was one till recently. it's just a label really that I feel embodies one's dedication to helping the entire planet raise up in frequency. For me there is a slight distinction between one being on the ascension path for their own benefit vs. one being here on the planet for the planet. That's the only difference. I believe every single human is here for a specific purpose...but most do not know what that is. So I agree with you in that I didn't really feel like one even though I read many blogs of persons who are clearly what I'd call a Lightworker. But I have my own issues of accepting who I am in it's not surprising I'd be like "Who me? I'm no Lightworker. I'm no Angel.. I can't channel.." etc etc...and yet people tell me I'm one of those all the time. I think it's an INFJ trait. Hahahahaha.... we're brilliant yet we would never admit that because we know what we don't I right? Hahahahahahhhhh.... So...don't seek your purpose. I assure you.... IT will find you...when you're ready.'re already a power house of Truth and Light. Hell ...just by you walking the Earth is enough to raise the consciousness of blocks of peoples around you.
    It's going to come down to this: Feel your way through. :hug:
    that looks quite magical!! i kind of figured that the british islands were of significance metaphysically. there seems to exist some kind of portals in those areas - perhaps to even hollow earth. do you think the metaphysical aspects of the islands is the reason the reptilian bloodlines wished to inhabit the area and keep it under control?

    i was watching a documentary on youtube where it discussed the astrological and metaphysical significance of those ancient stones. im sure also if you just go on a journey the information you need for your book will reveal itself; quite naturally :)
    Hey Sol

    I'll try and watch an episode tonight

    You mentioned the mystical past of Scotland and there are a lot of standing stones, barrows, cursus and other ancient sites which are all shrouded in mystery but which are all about the earths energy grid

    Britain is globally significant because it has convergence points of many leylines; this is why it was important to the atlantean geomancers and also to todays illuminati

    I have made extensive studies of these leylines with mapping software and have found some striking discoveries

    I have a few things to say on this topic and have begun compiling notes for a book which i intend to write over the next couple of years (i still have some research to do!)

    I attended the Beltaine fire festival in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago which is a modern reproduction of the old tammuz/ishtar or osiris/isis ceremony where the may queen, earth mother and the green man of nature are wedded in a magickal ceremony that is in sympathy with the coming of spring

    It had a faerie procession as the party entered the fearie realm

    And then built upto a fever pitch as the green man was resurrected to life before consumating his union with the may queen


    I haven't started watching it yet but i totally will!

    I think that the gaels in their harsh landscape, with their expressive, poetic language rooted in the land and the close family bonds required to exist in a harsh place and their nomadic movement of people around for example with the cattle droving have a lot in common with mongolian people who also have those qualities that such a place breeds in people

    So your connection is totally understandable

    Also just as the mongols had to hold their ground against a powerful neighbour that lived in a more artifical way, in the imperial chinese, the scots also have had to hold their ground against their english neighbours so...more parallels

    Here is the closing statement of the declaration of arbroath which was written to the pope in 1320 arguing the case for scottish independence:

    For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

    Hows that for romance? :)
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