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  • have any adblocker running? if so disable...idk what else to tell you
    mostly orchestral/instrumental stuff like you'd hear in movie soundtracks. I like some electronic stuff too, but mostly atmospheric, like the score for Ex Machina (if you wanna look it up)
    yeah, i need to get Kontakt, and i'm looking and VST libraries (so expensive :s)

    the style of stuff i (mostly) wanna make is probably different from yours, but the fundamentals are the same.

    Right now im just using VST trials in Kontakt free.
    yeah seems like one of the best quality "bang for your buck" DAC/amps.

    My current cans only have 32 ohm impedence so i haven't needed one (yet)
    nice I have m50x as my studio headset right now, but i'd love to grab the Beyer DT880s or some other open cans. Just can't justify the price ATM.

    I've heard good things about the scarlet - you like it?
    i got Cubase 7.5 which came with the upgrade to 8 Pro. I got the Akai MPK88, which is a great controller (i wanted piano action, not synth/semi-weighted keys) but the action is a little odd.

    Know any good tutorials for Cubase? Kinda overwhelmed ATM, trying to MAP the controls of the Akai to DAW functions ATM.
    yes indeed. explaining astrology concepts to regular folks can be a challenge. have you considered pursuing it professionally?

    i have considered pursuing astrology professionally but i am still on the fence about it. i studied western astrology for about 5 years and like you started vedic about year and a half ago. it's one thing to use it to help yourself and entirely different to help others with it i guess.
    i didn't know you studied vedic astrology. i study both western and vedic astrology and yes they both have different perspectives. i do agree that vedic is more final and more focused on the karmic implications of a given lifetime. i would be interested in a different perspective if you don't mind. i actually went to see a vedic astrologer last year but was dissapointed in how general his answers were being that i was able to learn more about my chart on my own; doing my own research. how long have you studied astrology? i will pm you my birth info.
    oh no worries - its only a three year long pluto transit.lolz

    i can be bit dramatic at times - but i am not completely sure i can make sense of things right now but the main jist of it has been dealing with instability and extreme dissatisfaction with my worldly achievements. which i know is neurotic and unrealistic because i probably have experienced a lot of life in my 29 years on this planet compared to many others. i take that it is a review period and transitional period - hoping after a long period of figuring out what i did not like - i shall move forward to a more productive period; hopefully.

    how are things on your end?
    Im glad you decided to pursue it anyways - there is nothing like having a regret at not trying at something that we love and curious about. I always thought that trying is better than not trying; because at least you know you put yourself in that position to experience it.

    For myself; been lying low and recouping my energy this year. Planning and making some changes regarding myself; probably going through an existensial crisis on a deeper level but still too early to say what the end result shall be. Im not fighting it; just letting it roll about and going with the flow. Some years just seems to carry around an undertone of chilling out and taking care of the self.
    lol - me in a good mood? thanks for the compliment though. it's been challenging lately but all seems to be an intense period of change.

    so are you an aspiring dj or a music producer or just something you do as a hobby? the only musical inclination i had was when i used to do ballroom dance. i miss it though :)
    that sounds exciting! what kind of music do you make? i can't complain; trying to get my shit together :)
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