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  • hehe :D... nope, don't have a mink, but I do have an inquiring mind. The world is full of 'why' and 'what if' for me. I seem to be more of an INTP than INFJ. :D
    Figuring out how the forum works takes a little time. Fortunately most of it is intuitively laid out - and INFJ's being as intuitive as we are, I think you will find that after a little trial and error, you'll be right at ease with the controls.

    One nice thing about this forum is that people are genrally very polite. That said, there are some very cheeky members, but all are very well meaning.
    Oh my goodness....I have no idea how to use this forum but I will try to get this introduction posted...:).

    My sister got me to do the myer-briggs test about 3 years ago and I was surprised that I apparently had such a rare type. Being skeptical i have tried a shorter test and then did the long test again 2 years after I had the first time. They all tell me I have the INFJ there it is.

    Hello out there.
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