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  • Thanks :) Yep, I got it :) I know, it's confusing. I don't think there are instructions anywhere. I think we've all probably posted on our own walls in the process, hehe
    Thanks EB! Good to know :)

    Btw, I know these walls can be confusing at first. I think when you start typing and press "post message" in your profile, the message gets posted on your wall (as opposed to the person you are writing it to), and the recipient doesn't get a new message notification. To write on someone's wall, the 2 ways I know of doing it are to click on that person's profile and leave them a message or if you want to be able to see the entire conversation, click on "view conversation", and then you can post (I think - I'm still somewhat new to this) :)
    This time of year with all the snow melting, there's not much to see outside of the Parliment. The canal is semi-frozen and most of the parks have some piles of snow left and are wet and mucky.
    I do love the National Art Gallery, though you have to pay to get in now.
    If you're staying longer than a day, there's a few clubs to visit, depending on your musical tastes.
    Being a government city, there's not as much variety as Toronto and Montreal have.
    Anytime :)
    Can you recommend places to see/things to do in Ottawa (aside from festivals), maybe off the beaten tourist path? I'm going up tomorrow :)
    thanks soo much!

    "A tree ascended there. Oh pure transcendence!
    Oh Orpheus sings! Oh tall tree in the ear!
    And all grew hushed. But in that very silence
    a new beginning, sign and change appeared. Quiet creatures gathered from the clear
    unhurried forest, out of lair and nest;
    and so it must have been, their stealthiness
    was not born out of cunning or of fear,
    but just from hearing. Bellow, cry, and roar
    seemed tiny in their hearts. And where before
    there barely stood a hut to take this in,
    a hiding place of deepest darkest yens,
    and with an entryway whose doorposts trembled -
    you built for them an auditory temple."

    wow, im excited to read the rest!
    thanks again. :)
    Hello Brother, ...
    I just wanted to say thank you...
    for your signature by Rainer Maria Rilke..
    whom I have never known of before,
    the name sounds familiar, the concepts are ones i live by...
    but I dont recognize his work,
    and you inspired me to look him up,
    so thank you.
    what beauty!!
    Praises my bro,
    many thanks.
    ad astra per aspera*
    Love n Bless
    It's great having someone who's so well versed in astrology here, and thanks for being so free with what you know!
    Hey, I didn't realize you were Canadian! :)
    That must be why you're so cool! :lol:
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