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  • My goodness, your photos added today are fantastic! I adore nature photos. :)
    Blogs should give you the ability to give member appreciation but alas I cannot. Thanks for the feed back!
    Noo!! You must tape it or watch it another way! It's so good!! People are getting cray cray!
    Survivor soon!!!!
    what do you mean when you say disorientation and self rejection? Is this associated with particular memories or impressions? Or is it a more general feeling? if you would rather not talk about this here feel free to pm.
    Ive been very well lately. Feeling much more grounded. Ive stopped eating animal flesh for a while and it has greatly improved the clarity of my meditation.
    In regards to the sense of knowing- it is like you said- a feeling of knowing without a particular direction towards something. Its like- everything is there, all the information spread out like a ocean, and i can behold that ocean, but in this particular state i have no context. There is no duality, no context. So everything makes sense, deep sense- but i cant necessarily grasp the specific meaning of what is happening because the meaning seems completely irrelavant. It all just is. In less deep states of awareness, the information is more specific, more clear in terms of 'self' and duality, but as i lose myself further into the meditation, everything becomes more 'universal' and less specific. There is a type of ecstacy that i feel compelled to go into, and in this place, all the ideas, impressions flow into one another, all thoughts (if they are thoughts at all) become like water, or fire- i can keep track of anything, or hold onto anything specific, it just flows and burns and i tend to lose myself in the movement. and i want to, because it feels so natural and wonderful to let go. And then it becomes hard to hold onto any sense of self because there really is no self and its so beautiful and satisfying to be encompassed in love. After a very deep or long trance it feels weird to be back in the body. So i try to do grounding exercises and physical activities to strengthen my physical connection.
    Hey, Hope you've been well! Sorry for the late reply.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts
    In regards to your questions- i am less sure than ever now. I do think that a single 'soul' can inhabit various life forms at once but i dont understand what the soul is. I dont understand what i am anymore, except for my core.. It seems the deeper i go, the less meaningful and relavent cues and descriptions become. And the bigger i seem. Or perhaps i dont have the maturity to understand what im experiencing. Or perhaps, it is not possible to understand . Or perhaps i am unable to transmitigate the information to this plane of reality. Or perhaps in truth it doesnt matter because this part of our existance is just a game, and sometimes knowing too much about the way the game has been coded makes it impossible to play. I really dont know. Some times i awake from meditation and i feel sure, completely aware. I know! And then... i dont know.. i start thinking about it and i just feel confused. I feel like myself and everyone else simultaneously. But when i try to understand what 'myself' is, there is nothing, just the core. In short, i wonder if any of this is 'real' at all, and i dont know if 'i' have ever existed.
    lol, sorry about the vagueness! Its been an interesting few months. How are you? Where are you at?
    Hi man

    I hope you're well

    Did you get a chance to check out any of Jim Rickards clips on youtube because he is truely brilliant and he's very good at explaining the currency angle of world events. If not here's a link to one where he talks about the war games he has conducted within the pentagon:

    You may have seen some of the carry on that was happening in that thread. I got a lot of flak from certain people because they don't want certain things spoken about in public. This process of shouting down people when theya re trying to discuss certain things is happening everywhere. below is a clip of an interview on the news which shows some of the ways they use to try and shut dissenters up

    Insults and ridicule are common ones used on line to try and discredit people and get them to shut up. Another method is threats to try and intimidate them into silence. I received all of those in that thread

    If someone is resorting to those or other histrionics in a debate you have to wonder why.

    Personally i think the issue of whether or not our countrys should go to war is something we SHOULD all be talking about and another thing we should bew talking about is WHO ARE THESE FEW PEOPLE AT THE TOP OF OUR SOCIETY WHO KEEP TRYING TO TAKE US TO WAR?

    Because its only when we all face those issues and deal with them that we have a chance of lasting peace

    Best wishes

    in regards to consistent identity, this part is confusing when i try to think about it. We do have souls, these individuated parts of the Greater Gestalt. The Gestalt experiences life through all its parts, and all the parts experience from all the parts. Some of the parts may be closer together in the landscape, or they may be involved in a certain dance or a pattern. But really it is just One and in that One there is many. And each part contains the whole. Ive been coming to terms with the multdimmenional nature of self. One soul may have many bodies at the same life, or in the same time. There may be parts of your soul that are here on Earth, other parts in the Bardot, in other parts of the universe. Everywhere! Its too much to understand with my mind. And time is simply an illusion, all things are happening in the now, so your soul is experiencing everything at once. That is all the potential, every possiblity, everything, past , present , future all now. The bigness, the vastness of this, i cant grasp with my mind at all. In meditation i 'get' it. And then when i try to understand it, explian it...Ive been becoming more aware of this lately and have been trying to understand this and come to terms with it but i do find that i lose myself in translation when i think about it. Sometimes it feels that my head could explode! And sometimes i feel like i have lost my mind. Hopefully will learn to adjust.

    What is your experience in regards to the nature of self? What do you think?

    Got to go for now. Hope you enjoy the rest of your today
    Will have to look up the Diamond Approach, that sounds really interesting! Are there websites/ books that you would recommend? I do see a yellow gold quite a bit but i had assumed that was simply my aura colour.

    Will have at a look at your blog to see what you mean. Cant write on my phone, i find it so annoying and difficult!

    I think the nature of self is the nature of All That Is. And that is Love. That is who we all are, where everything else originates from and where everything leads to. I cant really explain it very well with words, its like a feeling of absolute potential and simultaneously absolute completion. For lack of a better term it is like a full body mind spirit orgasm type thing. Its like this 'self' or being is completely infinite and completely powerful. I feel absolutely, without a doubt, that I am God, that we are God, in that state.
    I dont identify with my body, the body is something that im a steward of, responsible for, something my spirit holds in its keeping for this experience. It is a part of me. In that sense i feel i should be more compassionate and loving towards my body.
    I know myself to be because i know myself to be. Its like being aware of being aware, just consciousness. It is like when you have a dream and you can be a thousand different people at once but you still have that awareness that you are there and you are having an experience.

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    I feel the Oneness most completely during the I Am meditation. There is this black velvety bright light place where i feel so incredibly infinte that i can even comprehend the bigness or infinity of it. It is bliss and completion, like literally going home. Its clear that there is no separation and we are All That Is. Its like knowing that im the drop of water in the ocean and knowing i am the ocean as well and the ocean is completely changing and yet is always an ocean. No words really, what i wrote just sounds foolish now that i try and write it. That is beautiful how how laugh when you do it. I laughed last time too, snapped me right out of meditation- it was joyous.

    I like the sound of the diamond approach- makes sense. My goal isnt necessarily self dissolution. Im here more or less to enjoy myself and help where i can. i dont think life is suffering, its an incredible opportunity that im grateful for. its the only game in town!

    How are things for you now, whats been going on for you? How are you?
    Naturopathy is a field of health that encompasses many different natural, traditional, and alternative healing practices, including homeopathy. Not all naturopaths study homeopathy though. Its basically a holistic approach to health with a focus on preventative medicine and the use of the natural strength and immunity of your own body to heal dis-ease states. There is a holistic focus that includes nutrition, lifestyle, emotional and mental health etc. Homeopathy and flower essences are both types of 'vibrational medicine'. The idea with vibrational medicine is that everything in the universe is vibration, and we can use vibration to balance any dis-ease states that may occur. When making a flower essence, the homoepathic principle of dilution is used to create a distilled solution. This solution doesnt have any active chemical constituents, it is literally just the 'vibration' of the flower that remains in the solution. This is a completely different approach to conventional medicine and many othordox people scoff at this idea. However, in my experience i have had and seen a lot of success with flower essences. I havent used enough homeopathic remedies to say much about them. If you are interested in making an essence i can send you a link from my blog that explains the process.

    In regards to connecting with the plants, there really is no specific method. I guess because i had the notion of choosing a flower to make an essence, i became aware and chose to tune into their frequency. I thinks thats all it is, having intention and choosing to connect. The more i tuned into this energy, the more i felt connected to it, to the point where i found it hard to separate what i was from what the other was. After a while it seemed seamless and i could feel there wasnt an exact point where my energy began and ended, it was all merging, flowing and interconnected intricately with the world around me.

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