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  • [squeals in delight!] Helllo Morgain! :hug: I was wondering about you last week and was hoping you are doing well. Thank you for the big hug. :kiss: I'm on a fantastic journey of discovery. My body is getting old though.... Hahahaha.... but I'm still here on this magnificent planet getting chances to love people...and my heart is joyful. The rest is just noise.... What brought you here?
    Awww.... how nice to see you Morgain! :hug: I hope you are doing well and that the new year will bring many hugs for you!
    It sounds like things are going well for you. :) That's great to hear. Too bad about one of your cats -- I hope the digestion problem and anxiety resolve themselves. Poor thing.

    I've been well. I'm currently in school. The forum's ok. It's not quite what it used to be. There are some wonderful new people here, as there always have been within this community, but it is different to see changeovers like this...
    I've been well, thank you. :) It's nice to see you around again.. nice timing. :)
    How are you? How's everything?
    How are your adorable kittens??? :D lol
    Ah, makes sense. :) I can see how those names bear little/no resemblance to Dutch!

    I'm well. I feel a little stressed by life at the moment but luckily it's nothing significant. It will be better once I've resolved the details. :)
    How are you doing?
    How's the name search going for your kitten? (I'd chime in with some ideas but I tend to lack creativity when it comes to names.)
    He's unbelievably adorable! <3
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