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  • You do know that choosing your MBTI type is the most important decision you'll ever make. People think that children, career and where you live are the important choices, but they're all secondary to the MBTI.

    "I just don't care that much without a practical reason, and even then, I barely care"

    That does sound a lot like most ISTPs I know.
    OK. I understand it's a hard distinction to make. Don't forget the relevance of Ti-Si loops, though. I've known a number of INTPs who get stuck in the routinizing nature of Si. Some contrast with your assessment of INTJ's inner workings would also help this lowly INFJ.

    After visiting INTP forum, I did realize the highly personalized nature of Ti, and it helped me feel less self-conscious next to the Te-users. I always thought it was a defect of mine, but when you have discussions there, everyone understands that the ideas outlined are their own thinking. As long as the foundations are solid and the logic impeccable, they consider all viewpoints valid. This is different from the INTJ tendency to weigh it against external evidence, or to focus on "what works."

    Personally, "I think" statements strike me as less arrogant and easier to contend with than "It is" statements. I think that's why it's called the "Te Bitch-Slap."
    Ah, thanks for clarifying; I think I knew that, actually. A word can mean so many things that it's extremely common for a single word to undermine an entire logical discussion.

    I'll think about the Te vs. Ti. It presently rings true...wait, not anymore. I see what you're getting at, but...well, at least INTPs, they also use a lot of evidence. Ti is supposed to act as a compendium of knowledge which the user then draws from -- a "personal logic system." I think Te is more likely to use evidence "in front of the eyes" to make its arguments, as it sees the world logically. But, both INTJs and INTPs collect vast sums of knowledge, so much as to be walking encyclopedias.

    So, um...the more I think, the less I conclude. Happy future postulations to you!

    Evidently, I am too young.
    I figured it was keeping you busy! Nothing much really. Just trucking along and trying to be an adult. The usual. How is your study going? I think of you often! :)
    I think you are an INFJ with highly developed shadow Ne. Ne is the strongest shadow function for INFJs.
    Also, I get more of an Se vibe from you than an Si one.
    I'm ok. It's busy here at the moment. I got a bit of sleep last night, so that was good.
    That's good to hear. :) I hope life's treating you well.
    I did disappear didn't I? Yeah.. I needed a break. I have always enjoyed being a part of this community, but sometimes I didn't feel like I knew where/that I fit in here and "IRL" awaited... so I hopped on the IRL train. :) It's been a good ride so far. Life is busy but good. I feel like I'm advancing to hopefully a future I'll enjoy. *fingers crossed*.
    Hey Padalin X! Not sure if you remember me.. it's been a while, but I signed back in and saw you're around and wanted to say I hope you're doing well. :)
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