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  • yeah it did piss me off pretty bad for a while there...i have to accept that a miss really is as good as a mile lol
    anyway i know what my capacity is, i don't need it written on a piece of paper. yeah i keep telling myself that!! thanks you so much for the congrats btw!
    i am finished completely as of friday, but my practicum was finished last week, and it was fantastic!
    i was .1% (yes that is POINT ONE) under for honors and the bastards wouldn't bump my grade. ah well, it's less important to me than it was in the beginning...
    i have formal graduation on october 11th cap and gown and the whole bizzniss
    I've had a Rooibos tea that was pomegranate flavored... I can't remember what I thought about it though..>_< What kind/brand is the pomegranate tea your drinking now? Maybe I'll have to hunt it down.:) Today I had a Madagascar Vanilla black tea. No idea where it originally came from.. someone left it in our break room at work, so I snagged some and made a pot at home. It's not too bad. My personal favorite right now is a Coconut Oolong:) I'm not drinking anything now though, I'm in bed.. alarm set for 0430 :( I should really shut the laptop... hope you enjoy the rest of your cup though!
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