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  • So welcome! Another Canadian... so wonderful to have a place to learn, grow and share. Feeling blessed to have found this community. :)
    I'd love that!!! I really like clouds(: i'll probably save it to my computer!

    I actually have another cloud photo, one on the actually wall in my room. It's one small white cloud in a blue sky over a field of sunflowers and it's titled, "The Happy One". You want me to post a photo of it?(: I can tag you!
    It does get harder. The mind distorts memories of reality with time. You look back to smoking and you miss it like a relationship passed. As a recovering opiate addict, I come to miss the drama from time-to-time. Even the relief of withdrawals and the moments leading up to it. The anticipation, the thrill, the masochistic tendency, a codependence. I come to realize that the drama and self-harm disrupted the monotony of life efficiently. The next fix was my reason to lived and I lusted after it. The more time passes, the more vigilant I must be. It is no different with tobacco, and tobacco being available at every gas station and corner store doesn't help one bit...
    Don't cave in to smoking. Keep on keepin' on! My uncle is quitting his three-pack daily habit right now, he's more than a week into it. I got withdrawals when quitting a much smaller habit, and it's been almost three years since I habitually smoked. It's possible and more. Freedom from cancer sticks!
    Hate what you may have said, but don't hate yourself. Let me tell you how I learned not to touch my Mother's iron after she said, "Don't touch it: it's HOT!"
    Good things happen to good people. Sometimes not when wanted or needed, but they happen.
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