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  • Takemiya on go and dancing
    Takemiya's other great love is dancing. He says that go is more like a dance than a war[SUP][1][/SUP] and that learning to dance has made him a better go player. This has also influenced his style in his later years.

    "....These techniques of playing the guzheng can create sounds that can evoke the sense of a cascading waterfall, thunder, horses' hooves, and even the scenic countryside...."

    No wonder I feel peace and joy when hearing the music played on one. :)
    I recently learned that Takemiya likes to dance. He has participated in competitions and stuff. :)
    Hi there, how are you? Yeah, I respect Fujisawa a lot for his creative play style. That was an interesting documentary. Takemiya (who was interviewed) is also famous for his free-spirited style. Famous quote from him: "Kobayashi's [his rival at the time] style is like taking the subway. You will get where you want, but you won't see anything beautiful during the trip."
    hello :) :)
    I don't know if I learn other languages easily :)) I DO NOT learn Chinese easily though :)) It's verryy hard! :))
    what languages do you know? are you american? european? :))
    Hello :) I'm sorry I haven't replied. I was busy :) :)

    I agree!!!!! :)) :))

    oh my gosh.. yes if it's forced, it's NOT FUN AT ALL :)) Do you know other languages besides English and Chinese? :)) :))
    You are wellcome:)
    Yes, I like some of their songs, but this one is - special. I like lyrics...It says that we can't control what others might or might not feel and do. We have to carry our world, as Atlas in Greek mythology. IF we try to do it best we can, it is good start:)
    Hiiiiiiiii :) :)

    :( I really have to study a lot... :( :( I'm not good in analyzing word problems and all that. And I forget what I study after the tests :)) :)) hehehe so I don't think I have much stored knowledge :(

    It's a government school and it's cheaper than most of the universities here so I guess they accept those who really need it an are qualified. :( <-- I'm not that smart bwahahhaha

    so.. how are you!?!? :) :)
    NOOO :)) :)) :)) I do not want to study Chinese again :(( :( hahaha my dream school .. well it's not really a "dream" school. It's just the school I prefer. We have to pass the entrance test. They'll get 60% of my grades from first year to third year high school and 40% is from my results (the entrance test).

    They have a cut off..I think... it's actually by rank. Last year, 65,000 took the test and only 12,000 passed I think.. :( :( :(

    I really wish I would pass :( :(
    Hee, its true. I did get in fights as a kid. only a handful and all to protect people i felt were being bullied. Once I made a boy cry in front of my whole school for calling my friend a nasty name for no reason. when i saw how it hurt her, i was on him like fire.

    and yes i had a little brother to take care of. My mom wasnt the most stable or maternal woman. I usually ended up taking care of her too. he i guess I've been well trained.
    yes! :)) The Chinese we're learning in our school doesn't even require you to understand much. Since I'm good in memorizing, I always pass but the problem is I always forget it. They also expect you to know Chinese since kinder. We don't speak Chinese at home so yeah.. bwahhahahaha and I'm graduating so I'm off to college..and I'm scared not to pass my dream school :( :( :(
    me as a kid? I was actually very sweet and worried about everyone a lot. I shared my lunch when people didnt have any and nearly always gave away my lunch money and candy. it made me happier to be helpful. i was kind of sparkly and i smiled a lot. strange quiet little girl I suppose.

    I have mean thoughts often, but i usually feel bad about them fairly quickly unless they are funny.
    It's REAALYYY hard :( :( :( :(

    It is calledMakabagong Alpabetong Filipino(Modern Filipino Alphabet) or.. I guess they changed it now but it's very similar to the western alphabet.... we just don't use some letters like c and x :) we spell the letters like we pronounce it. So it's A LOT easier :)) :))

    I did something stupid..... I posted this reply on my page :)) bwahahhahahahaha
    :) :) No.. I'm not kind.. bwahahah and I'm not really Chinese :) :) I'm just around 1/8 or 1/4 ... my mom wanted me to study in a Chinese girl exclusive for girls..so I'm FORCED to speak Chinese... but really..seriously.. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE TEACHER.... I speak in Filipino...I'm from the Philippines :)
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