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  • I'm leaving a message to let you know that I am thinking of you. I hope life is treating you well. Sonyab aka Nixie
    Thank you for wishing me well, Norton. I hope you are doing well your self.
    Hi Norton, I just thought I'd say it's good to see you back on this forum. Whether we agree on topics or not I always appreciate reading your insightful posts. if nothing else i'm interested to hear what you maybe reading (at the moment i'm wading through Herman Hesse the Glass Bead Game). I hope you're well.
    Yeh...I miss real rock and roll myself. It's nice to see you again, Norton.
    Howdy! Nice to see you back. Glad you didn't give up on the forum, although I can relate sometimes....LOL :)
    Hi Norton. Been thinking about you and missing your thoughtful posts. Hope you are well.
    I missed you. And I almost made the comment "the Tea Party is looking for you" on that thread...I came "this close" but decided that being smarmy would defeat the purpose of trying to educate the idiot.
    I keep looking for you. And then it says "gone"... I hope you find your way back and visit here occasionally.
    Hi Norton, just meant to say I tried one of the Jo Nesbo books you suggested, Red breast. I thought it was very good, there is a complex history for some of the countries in europe who either helped or were occupied by the nazis.
    You're right it's hard to find those teachers who cause emotional harm. In a larger college I asked my sorority sisters or fraternity brothers or those in a grade ahead of me. But in this graduate school there's not much choice for profs. Although - in this case so many students complained about him that he was asked to not teach the 2nd semester course on research and 2 better professors stepped forward. I still struggled with it. Traumatized is a word that comes to mind.
    And yeh...I still have fond memories of my great professors. Those were the ones who challenged me on the way I thought - my paradigms - my narrow views were expanded. I will always be grateful to them for shaping me into who I am today. Looks like you found the same kind of profs.
    I practice mindfulness for a whole bunch of reasons - but I think the most important one is to minimize any harm I may cause. This includes myself, all sentient beings, and the earth. It is also key to ease ones suffering.
    Lost in thought = bruised my ...your brain is vast and punchy. LOL...
    Yeh - I know what you mean. It's those bruised shins I received that taught me mindfulness. Pay Attention!
    quote; Only if you can prove it, objectively (is there any other way to prove something?). Can you?

    thanks for your comment btw.
    may i ask, are you a believer in objective truth being deity? (i assume not w logic/intuition or watever :p )
    but if your not.
    can i ask respectively - what amount of proof do you believe you would require in order to believe in the
    existance of a deity? or God? as an objective truth? and not personal perspective?
    (if it were possible of course :) )

    PEACE :)

    the reason i would like to know is because i tend to jot down others perspectives
    into some sort of internal system of perceptions ( like interpersonal statistics and surveys :p )
    and i value your opinion
    because I (me) believe you seem
    to be capable of giving an honest awnser without personal biased imprints :p

    Thank you, Norton. I needed a little affirmation this afternoon, so that was very welcome. :)
    My choices in whisky are the Islay single-malts — Ardbeg, Laphroaig, and Lagavulin being three particular faves. Peaty, smokey, phenolic goodness!
    Lol, thanks for the rep Norton, and our loonies are kind of cute, aren't they? (I like the toonies too).
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