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  • Haha, what's up with your roommate? Do you get along pretty well? :) Strange people rule ;)
    well to be serious, i don't know why you considered it important enough to tell me about it.
    So, uh, I kind of miss you. We haven't talked in forever. I haven't been able to get on messenger frequently due to working a lot more and the whole silly-ness with school. Hope you've been well kitten.
    Re: denying the friends request thing - nothing personal there. I consider you a friend, I just don't accept them from anyone cause I like to keep my profile minimal and free of visitor posts, etc.

    ...despite me posting on everyone elses.


    Your "to men" thread is perfectly fine - seriously. If you made any mistake at all, it wasn't in how you authored it or what you said, but rather the fact you posted it on a forum seemingly populated by some of the whinest, over-sensitive, projecting crybabies the internet has seen in quite some time.

    I mean, I like this group well enough but it angers me that they are often so fragile, they consistently miss the content of any remotely controversial post because they get so fucking hung up on who made the post and why; making it all about an unsolicited analysis of the OP instead of the information presented. This is something I have to put up with regularly and it's supremely annoying but I'm on their turf and trying to understand INFJ's eh.

    Anyway, I liked your thread. I don't agree with all of it but I'm not writing you to tell you that. I'm writing you to tell you I like the way you stated your ideas and to not get bogged down in the whine-fest that people are creating over it.
    Hi, I'd like to say officially I do believe you to be INFJ. I say this due to the fact that the vast majority of people on here ain't no infj, so I'm going around telling everyone I believe them to be, are. have a mysti-cookie.
    I wasn't threatening, I was asking. If my tone came out wrong I'm pretty sure you know why.
    Sorry... Don't think I was on at that time, or at least not for long enough to notice your message.
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