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  • I'm glad yr day went well, that's good! My day was quite productive so I was happy about that. Tomorrow I am back to work so I managed to get some 'R & R' in too today. Plus I made baked penne for dinner... mmmm lotsa cheese, lol
    Yeah -- it's hard always being the "strength." That's why I don't necessarily agree on the INFJ stereotype of being "sensitive"; we have a lot of need to be strong.
    I know- you are right about that.
    I guess it's not ok for us stand up for ourselves.
    Oh well.
    Oh it was lovely, I went on a Buddhist meditation retreat in the mountains at the Metta Forest Monastery for a week a few months back. I really connected with the monks and they told me to come back next year after I was 30 to study more. Which has become sort of ironic. Heh.
    yes, i think i know what you mean. i believe i am going through the same thing. i haven't had enough experience in my life to compare the both, but i'm quite sure i lean, if not then tend only, toward women.
    Heey! I'm on episode 9 of Nana! Heh, I had a little marathon today. Good stuff. Nana O. is so cool. ^^
    If you do revise, I'll be looking forward to reading it. I always enjoy your posts whether I agree or not because you are very thoughtful.
    How right you are.

    And after reading your posts I'd like to revise my arguement in the thread, and I do believe science and religion can AND do go hand in hand. I compromised my thoughts for a better arguement.
    He's freaking out because you've got the science arguement down pact. He doesn't know what to do next.
    Oh, and I loved your "wikipedia+armchair scientist" crack. Classic!
    Well if that's the case, I'm going to say you win. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what he's arguing at this point.
    I'd give you rep in the religion thread for your last post if I could, but sadly I have to spread some around...grumble
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