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  • I read your visitor post on rogo's profile.. because I stalk him.

    While I myself am not a spiritual or religious person, I hope you stick around. I don't think you having beliefs is going to make you unpopular here.

    I enjoy your posts!
    I applaud you, it's not easy being that person. Sometimes people need to be reminded that they may be wrong and easily get offended if they are confronted; not an easy task.
    I was debating about posting in that thread, but I agree with you. I usually try to avoid talking about my own beliefs because they're intricate with my experiences but that's what belief/religion/what ever is, it's personal. I'm so with you, why can't we get along? (and yeah, religion bashing is "the thing". it's like we're inferior for believing in the un-seeable/unexplainable).

    And I have to add, I think Buddhism is where it's at!
    Hey, I want to start off by saying I'm glad you're here on this forum! That thread was kinda starting to make me mad. I don't care if people love or hate religion, but talking in absolutes and insulting people based on something like a belief ticks me off. I hate how some of the the anti-religious bash religion like there's no tomorrow and don't realize how they are just as bad as the hell raising fanatics. A certain someone in that thread stepped past conversation and I felt I had to comment.

    I for one am sure glad you're here. Hope all is well!
    I'm just fine and dandy, thanks for asking. Reflecting is good. There are so many wonderful things to relfect upon :)
    Oh wow! I know you did great on your finals!! :D I'm doing pretty good, thank you for asking! :D What are you majoring in?
    I don't think I've got the system requirements for either --my 'puter's old and pretty ;paded with junk--but I'm getting a new tower soon, so as soon as I do and it's set up, I'll download one of these. And we can chat!
    I don't have a messenger, but I'd love to chat sometime. Do you know how to down;oad one of the ones you have?
    With every post of yours I read, I realize we have more in common than I ever would have guessed in the beginning.
    It's titled 'Forever Broke' in the member blogs here.

    So sorry to hear about that phone call. I'm glad it was a sincere apology and not peppered with 'buts' and 'what ifs'. I hope you did have something good happen though. You watching any good anime these days?
    What's going on, K? Did you have a good weekend?
    Hey, if you get a chance - could you weigh in on my blog - need some girl advice :(
    yeah, i heard it deviated a lot from the original, but was good in itself. i'll be sure to see it sometime. i also want to see My Sister's Keeper...but i want to read the book first

    i can relate. throughout the whole series i've found him to be a hard-shelled character with a propensity of vulnerability and love within, though repressed. i think Alan Rickman had his character quite well :)
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