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  • I was in a downward spiral and praying for a way out and God provided. Getting out of CA was one of the most emotionally, mentally, and spiritually beneficial decision I have ever made. It was a rough place for an INFJ to grow up. I
    Thanks for being my friend in here. If I say anything hurtful you have my permission to make passive aggressive digs and to bottle any anger up and explode it violently in my face at the most random time. (INFJ tactics at their finest) :)
    Hello! You should join the Four Letter Club for people with four lettered usernames :smile:

    It'd be nice to see you there :D

    - Wish
    Well Sali was originally an abbreviation of Salidin. which is an alteration of Saladin which I used as a character name in an online game for a couple years. Just kind of stuck.
    Expect your PM later today (;

    If I don't send it to you, I will give you my phone
    number and you can call and leave me harassing messages!
    oh the joy!! :p (;
    Yes. Still Seattle.

    I would talk to her a few times on facebook.
    I know that sucks, but it's the only way you
    have and for now you can get to know her.
    I still am planning on moving.
    Just haven't yet :)

    Next time you see her, ask?

    What's new in your life?

    Are you talking to me only because
    you feel obliged to?
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