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  • You should probably begin with an introductory thread, that always makes things easier ^^ Good night to you too
    Sorry for being selfish last time, and not answering your messages as I used to. I know that I've said this many times already, but you're an amazing friend. Hopefully you decide to stick around a while in here and catch up.

    No way! It's you! It's nice hearing from you again? Never expected to see you here. What's up?
    "I ate a moldy doughnut once. Seriously, I thought it was one of those powdered sugar ones. (A very traumatic experience) :D"

    I am sorry you had to suffer that but it made my day.
    I'm okay - life is good, and you're weclome to huggles any time my friend :) How about you? How's life treating you K.?
    I've been hanging in there. Really busy lately, but nothing to complain much about. So glad to see you posted something :)
    I'm good, thanks :) Just heading to bed, where I hope to dream of butterflies, rainbows and dolphins etc, rather than the usual rubbish I seem to get in my dreams. Shame we can't pick and choose our dreams eh? Mind you some people reckon they can... probably the same people who practise yogic flying :D
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