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Jan 15, 2009
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I am self-motivated, driven, hard working,highly o

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Jun 28, 2011
    1. Bird
      You are so sexy.

      P.S. This is me hitting on you.

      --this is not me hitting on you--
      I like your name.
    2. VH
      We've had this conversation before, heh.
    3. Jayce
      I'm located in Florida. Sorry that response took so long! I've been away for the forums for. heh he. ^^;
    4. Odyne
      your avatar is hawt! :P
    5. enigma
      I'm about two hours from burlington - I live near Ludlow, Okemo! Where in B-town are you?
    6. rainrise
      hey i'm good how about you? i haven't been on this forum for a good while!
    7. soulseeker
      Hey!! Hi :) :) Thanks for adding me as a friend :)
      God bless :)
    8. Soulful
      That's interesting and thanks. Can you explain further what you mean by unassuming?

      And you didn't answer my previous question :p
    9. Soulful
      I'm still not sure. I'm definitely an introvert and probably a judger. It also seems that my feeling functions are stronger than my thinking but I'm still figuring that out. Verdict's out on S vs. N. Can I ask why you ask? (You've asked me this before and I definitely don't mind answering but my curiosity's spiked again :)). And I'm 26, our birthday's are actually probably quite close, IIRC.
    10. Not2bforgot10
      To all of you who wished me birthday wishes when I was on months ago, thank you! So sweet! *Big hugs* =)
    11. Questingpoet
      Hey, thank you. It was made for me by Morgain on this fourm. It is actually a Gladiator. Maximus from the Movie "Gladiator"! It is a movie both her and I love. The character represents things that we have both talked about and that I hold dear such as honor and love of family. I'll bet you didn't think you'd get that long of an explanation did you? ;)
    12. dneecey
      [IMG]I hope you have a fantastic day sweetie!
    13. dvslil1
      I'm not seeing you online anytime. Perhaps we can chat in the irc on here?
    14. sassafras
      How's about using those uncanny abilities and guessing at my type? I still don't know, sometimes. ;) I'd love your insight.
    15. Jayce
      Then we'd get along quite well! :]

      Thanks for leaving me a vm. I haven't gotten one in awhile. It made me happy. Might I ask what you're passionate about?
    16. sassafras
      Hi hun,
      Yeah, no I don't have aim. :/ And I actually did do a bit of research on what to do on the matter and I haven't anything of substance. Talking to a lawyer would be a very good idea. Drop me an email or a pm if you'd like to talk about it further.
      Good luck!
    17. Morgain
      I just so your message, I have been writing down my experiences. I believe it is now 50 minutes after your message so you probably will not be there any more? I'll just posted my text in your tread. I hope it is going to be usefull and not to boring :smile:. And I would love to chat on other time with you. It is now 3 o'clock at night in my time zone :D
    18. sassafras
      Glad to be of assistance. If you ever need to chat about anything, feel free to drop me a pm.

      So, what's your next step?
    19. Morgain
      Reading your post was almost like reading my own journal. I'll post my experience on your tread. I would like to have some discussion about it, I could use some advise or insight :smile:

      And thank you for adding me as friend :kiss:!
    20. sassafras
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    I am self-motivated, driven, hard working,highly o
    For the first 23 years of my life, I was told to be a certain way, to perform, to put on a mask of exuberance. I was taught to always be cheerful, to always smile, to pretend you
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    My. 1. Journals, 2. Acoustic guitar (Bought for me as a Christmas present by my deceased father), 3. My memorable quilt (Made by my mother consisting of my father's shirts), 4. My laptop (With all my pictures, music, and docs on it), 5. My search for a soul mate (Age is but a number; it's the mind-body-soul connection that counts), and 6. Online chat forums!
    What would be your epitaph?:
    I enjoy MBTI & Enneagram comedy. If you come across any, please send me the link :)
    3w4 SX
    I'm quirky, insightful, strong-willed, and intellectual. I am looking to connect with other intuitive women who share the same values and interests.

    Yahoo- Not2bforgot10
    AIM- emilyacox

    Hobbies & Interests:

    Reading, Writing, Musical concerts, Listening to music, Spending time on my computer, Flea markets, Collage making, Nature Hikes, Photography, Kayaking, Camping, Canoeing, Movies and drive-ins, Psychology and personal growth workshops, Rollerblading, Fitness, Museums, Bookstores, and Poetry Shares.

    Interests: Healthy living and lifestyle, Personal development, MBTI, Enneagram, Psychology (Humanistic & Jungian), Alternative lifestyles, Chivalry.


    Yahoo! Messenger: