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  • You are so sexy.

    P.S. This is me hitting on you.

    --this is not me hitting on you--
    I like your name.
    I'm located in Florida. Sorry that response took so long! I've been away for the forums for. heh he. ^^;
    I'm about two hours from burlington - I live near Ludlow, Okemo! Where in B-town are you?
    That's interesting and thanks. Can you explain further what you mean by unassuming?

    And you didn't answer my previous question :p
    I'm still not sure. I'm definitely an introvert and probably a judger. It also seems that my feeling functions are stronger than my thinking but I'm still figuring that out. Verdict's out on S vs. N. Can I ask why you ask? (You've asked me this before and I definitely don't mind answering but my curiosity's spiked again :)). And I'm 26, our birthday's are actually probably quite close, IIRC.
    To all of you who wished me birthday wishes when I was on months ago, thank you! So sweet! *Big hugs* =)
    Hey, thank you. It was made for me by Morgain on this fourm. It is actually a Gladiator. Maximus from the Movie "Gladiator"! It is a movie both her and I love. The character represents things that we have both talked about and that I hold dear such as honor and love of family. I'll bet you didn't think you'd get that long of an explanation did you? ;)
    How's about using those uncanny abilities and guessing at my type? I still don't know, sometimes. ;) I'd love your insight.
    Then we'd get along quite well! :]

    Thanks for leaving me a vm. I haven't gotten one in awhile. It made me happy. Might I ask what you're passionate about?
    Hi hun,
    Yeah, no I don't have aim. :/ And I actually did do a bit of research on what to do on the matter and I haven't anything of substance. Talking to a lawyer would be a very good idea. Drop me an email or a pm if you'd like to talk about it further.
    Good luck!
    I just so your message, I have been writing down my experiences. I believe it is now 50 minutes after your message so you probably will not be there any more? I'll just posted my text in your tread. I hope it is going to be usefull and not to boring :smile:. And I would love to chat on other time with you. It is now 3 o'clock at night in my time zone :D
    Glad to be of assistance. If you ever need to chat about anything, feel free to drop me a pm.

    So, what's your next step?
    Reading your post was almost like reading my own journal. I'll post my experience on your tread. I would like to have some discussion about it, I could use some advise or insight :smile:

    And thank you for adding me as friend :kiss:!
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