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  • Lol, I can only imagine the crap you put up with! And yeah, I knew you were making a couple different points there ;)
    glad you were able to come to a decision about this...I wish you luck in finding someone who will put your children's best interests first, and will be a good fit for the particular circumstances your family needs.
    Np. When I got down to the last couple paragraphs of your post I was like "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!"
    Moving for work. I will be close to DC. My girlfriends Dad owns a plumbing company out there. So I am going to go work for him for three years or until I can get my license. Which ever comes first. I am planning on seeing as much as I can while I am out there. Should be interesting being back there.
    I gave up posting about a month ago. Really needed a break! I was getting too sensitive for my own good. I am moving towards your neck of the woods in a week or so. I sure hope it's nice out on the east coast. I will be in Virginia...
    Hey;Thanks for sharring,about A.D.D and O.C.D.It's kindda personal stuff,so thanks for getting up the courage(or maybe you had it in abundance,already) putting it out there,as I am encouraged myself,by your sharring of your experience. I have a long time friend,who has O.C.D.,as well....=)
    Hi;Do I understand,that you(like me)also,have have ADHD(I have ADD),and am INFJ?Sounds like you have put up a huge effort,to do what most folks take for granted.Sound familiar?I'm just getting ready to go to the local university clinic(this morning)to plead with them,to supply me with proper meds.,which make life so much less work,and more productive,and enjoyable for me.I'm thankful to have this forum,as an outlet,and connection to some who may understand,what I'm going through.I hope I'll get a chance to chat a bit with you in future.Have a good day,take care....=)
    Wow, that's horrible (what happened on that site)! I am so glad you've got the woman you're currently working with. I do think we all struggle as parents to be engaged with our kids sometimes. If you ever need to vent, feel free to drop by. I promise I'll never tell you you should have kept your legs shut. ;)
    I'm glad to hear it. I'm a mom too and while I haven't struggled with what you have, I know that feeling of just not being into the experience of my kids at times. It can feel like a supreme contradiction to the loving mother ideal. I'm just glad that you don't seem to have beaten yourself up about it too much. I'm also very glad life seems to be turning up for both of you. :)
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