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Mar 2, 2010
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The Desitinizer

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    1. Reason
      You're back!
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      2. Sloe Djinn
        Sloe Djinn
        What's up man! I took a self-imposed hiatus from posting, but I been around. Not sure how much I'll re-engage. Good to see you tho!
        Jul 24, 2020
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      3. Reason
        Just glad you're still alright out there :)
        Jul 24, 2020
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    2. Gaze
      Thank you! Hope you're doing well :)
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    3. HorsesIncorporated
      Thank you for the advice that isn't completely cynical.
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    4. 5r6jhd
      Hey you! It's nice to see you around again! How are you keeping?
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      3. 5r6jhd
        Yeah, I have been :) People often seem to fade out or get quieter the longer they've spent here. Sorry for the delayed reply. I did that thing where I read your message and got busy and forgot I hadn't replied.
        How is family life? I hear you've had your first child? Congrats! However belated they may be ... Are you enjoying fatherhood?
        May 6, 2017
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      4. 5r6jhd
        I'm doing well! In a bit of flux at the moment so hoping by the end of the year I will have some life things figured out.
        May 6, 2017
      5. Sloe Djinn
        Sloe Djinn
        Lol sorry I just did the same thing! So yeah, fatherhood is...whew! I'm kind of freaked out at the thought of a second. I'd be happier if there was more immediate family nearby, but so it goes. We will also be relocating to somewhere less expensive to live within about a month of the baby being due, so it's going to be hectic. So things are kind of up in the air for you? Hope things work out in your favor =)
        May 17, 2017
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    5. jyrffw54
      :hug: I've missed your delightfully crazy self.

      How have you been?
      1. Sloe Djinn
        Sloe Djinn
        Hey, I like to resurface every now and then, thanks! You've been kind of off-and-on too over the past few years eh? Life is crazy busy now. Parenthood has pretty much devoured my time and attention but I can't keep from making an ass out of myself online now and then. *Mobster voice*: Sa how u doin'?
        Apr 17, 2017
      2. jyrffw54
        I have! I had to go find myself again basically lol. I hear you on life...I am switching degrees, so I had to do a detour and take some more classes, but I'm glad to be in school for something I love now.

        And aww that's so sweet :3

        I've been alright. Had to deal with some death and drama over the past few weeks, but I'm returning to centre.
        Apr 17, 2017
    6. Faye
      I did!

    7. arbygil
      You too, m'man! :D
    8. Skarekrow
      Father’s Day wasn’t too bad Son gave me a shirt and a drawing he made and we went and had dinner over at my Mom’s house.
      How was yours?!
      I hope your first one was fun!
      Yeah...he was a good dog, but we decided he has moved up the evolutionary scale of reincarnation (if there is such a thing) and is now a real baby boy that was just born.
      It’s a nice thought anyhow.
      Or maybe he just stays a dog and I’m sure as they say - all dogs go to heaven.
      He’s got lots of my family and Sensiko’s family up there.
      And does give you a good reminder to treasure the moments you have right know having seen some things in the medical field how quickly life can be ended.
      A run around the corner to get some milk and you get killed by a drunk driver or some just never know.
      I agree, we should stop wasting time and live to the fullest.
    9. Skarekrow
      The same...except this week fucking blows so far...found out my dog has cancer throughout his body and then to top it off, my Mom calls to say that my older brother who is HIV positive has now turned into full-blown AIDS...anything under 200 t-cells (which is already low for a normal individual should be 500 - 1500) gives it that designation...his is currently I am worried of course.
      He’s not in the hospital but they put him on some really strong shit...and statistically he likely will only have 2-3 years if he can get his counts back up a bit.

      That’s awesome that she’s getting so big!!
      Congrats on your first upcoming Father’s Day man!

      You win lose some.
      Wishing you well my friend!
    10. Skarekrow
      Hey man...hope everything is going well for you and your little one?
      Anything new?
    11. Kgal
      I am delighted for you!!!
    12. Kgal
      Everything go okay?
    13. Kgal
      Government programs are collapsing. Grants are disappearing because we can't meet numbers. Those people entrenched in the old ways are hissing like cats getting ready for a fight. People are waking up and demanding their rights. I am challenging the system at every opportunity. My life is fabulous! hahahahahaha.... I am a true INFJ :w:
    14. Kgal
      WHAT!!!???? That's so awesome to hear!!! Congratulations! :hug:
    15. hush
      Not the worst nickname. :lol:

      Good to see you around Sheepie. :3
    16. Kgal
      HI! :hug: It's good to see!
    17. Nixie
      So nice to see you around these parts. I hope you are feeling well and had a great holiday. I miss your infrequent but always intelligent, "spot-on" remarks.
    18. Skarekrow
      You pretty much summed up my life as well minus the EMT We’re dealing with the end of the year surgery rush....people put it off and put it off until they realize they’ll have to pay their deductible if they don’t get it done before the we always get this huge rush, that fucking kills everyone, makes people have to stay late, etc....all because people are chicken-shit and
    19. Skarekrow
      What’s up! How’s stuff going?
    20. rawr
      sounds about right bro
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