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Jul 5, 2014
    1. Renaissance
      Thanks for letting me know. Something was driving me to jump into your blog like that and shortly thereafter I knew what it was. I'd been struggling with issue over work and an emotional bully I've had to do battle with, and my- emotional issues concerning that situation, were processing themselves through to conclusion, which showed me the next step in what I needed to do. You did'nt know this, but I thought you were telling me- I sucked eggs, which gave me a true belly laugh,which led to me seeing the solution on how to proceed with cunundrum at work! Thanks, for helping ! (-=
    2. Nixie
      You are welcome to my blog and I wasn't offended at all by your presence. :)
    3. Frenchguy
      Hello Heart seeks... Unable to see your msg... Chat would be fine
    4. Kgal
      I'm not sure I understand what you mean there. I was referring to Ken Wilbur's theory of human consciousness.
    5. Renaissance
      Frenchguy: I am remis. One avelanche of urgencies befell me, directly after saying "Hi" to you, some 6-8 weeks ago. I just read for the first time, some of your posts and am amazed at how I relate to what you say. I have been on several personal journeys of growth and especially lately and with relevance to the forum topics too. I feel like I am back, from a long journey...H.
    6. VH
      I don't really believe in type anymore. Everyone has their own levels of function development, preference, and use. I tend to use Ni and Fe more than my other functions. I tend to fit the INFJ profile more than the others, but I have moments where my preferences shift (as does everyone). Sometimes I'm more like an ENFJ, INFP, or even ISTP, INTJ.
    7. Frenchguy
      Hello Heart seeks. Second generation Canuk here. Frenchguy is a nick name that has stuck through the years.
    8. Renaissance
      Ya, but I-well I Uhhh.., Ya...Thanks (-=
    9. Bird
      You are so sexy.

      P.S. This is me hitting on you.
    10. Bill Cosby
      Bill Cosby
      I highly doubt that a multi millionaire and a highly esteemed comedian and activist would come to an internet forum to find self validation and understanding...

      So no... sorry, I'm not the Cos himself. But I'm a huge fan :)
    11. Bill Cosby
      Bill Cosby
      Zip Zop Zoobity Bop pudding pop.
      Does that answer your question?
    12. enigma
      Hey - I don't have adhd, but my daughter was just diagnosed with it. She is 9. I am pretty sure my 4 yo son does to. I tend more towards OCD, the flip side of adhd. SO take my infj-ness, combine it with OCD, and a tendency towards being high strung, and then throw in adhd kids - not pretty. I'll never win mother of the year, that;s for sure. Life has been pretty rough at times - even thought about moving out, before my daughter was diagnosed. Now that we understand the issue, and we are getting a lot of help as a family, things have gotten much better. I hope you get your meds, and everythign you need! We are not going the med route for now, and trying Cognitive Bahavior Therapy instead.
    13. Majesty
      Yeah. Sunny beaches. Sun in sunglasses. Sunflowers. Sunscreen.
      It's just buried below a meter of snow D:

      Don't worry, looks like the temperature here is trying to prove global warming is wrong D:

      Where do you live again? I know it's somewhere in USA, but forgot where there :P
      & have you got lots of snow?
    14. Majesty
      Oh hey, it's been a while :P
      How have you been doing? ;)

      And yes, I'm Royal. :D Or just too lazy to write something more in depth hehe
      Still not too sure about my type, but ESFP seems to fit better than ESTP.
      Because I never stole any cars, kidnapped people, morning routine stuff for ESTPs you see :P
    15. 80schick
      Thanks for message. You will have to forgive me but I don't know what I am doing yet!!! I don't seem to have saved your message so I hope this reaches you!

      My personal information is hopeless for two reasons. Like you I thought the questions asked were kind of similar and although I am a very open person and LOVE to talk, I am not very trusting of the internet and talking to people I don't know. However if I was to trust anyone it would be an infj so I will have to just hope it will be okay being on this forum. I loved your profile and I love that it seems we let our guard down and talk about things we never would face to face. I mean, I may be assuming but would you tell some one you just met what that your interests were relationships etc? I personally think it is the whole point to life. Everything else is futility to me. Necessary but lacking meaning. I know we are not all the same and I love that too. I love understanding why we are who we are. Anyway, I am going to shut up (is hard) I don't want to come across as a crazy lady - not on my first day!!! Just wanted to say thanks for welcome and see if sending this message works. Take care.
    16. Renaissance
      Yes,My Lead motivation for joining forum,was to find connection,maybe encouragement(emotional support),and maybe,just maybe,sometime-romance with a future.Realizing these all to be matters of the heart,I chose Heart seeks.=)
    17. TinyBubbles
      you're welcome =) may i know what inspired it?
    18. TinyBubbles
      i adore your username :)
    19. Renaissance
      Hi K-gal;Ditto,Ditto,and Ditto...Amazing.Please see p.m.Working on it.
    20. Kgal
      Hi Heart Seeks!
      How are you doing today? I'm inside the house this afternoon - cause it's too scorchingly hot outside down here in Texas to be anywhere except in the lake or a pool. Unfortunately I'm not near either of those.
      Why on earth would you be intimidated about interacting with me? I'm just a regular person much like everyone else here - except I'm older than most. But I assure you I'm going through the same types of issues as is presented here.

      Yes - the topics are deep, filled with passion, and complicated. And I love it here. I am relatively new as I joined several months ago and I can tell you that I'm happy to find others who view the world much like me.

      Yes - being an INFJ is not easy and I have finally arrived at a place in my life where I do not want to change that.

      Welcome to the forum!
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