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  • Hahahaha! Oh Jesus..... A man of my own brain-ilk. Mr. Holst is one the finest human beings on this planet, and one of the funniest!
    It's going pretty well but i've become distracted by the boards lately. I think i'm going to take a bored break for a couple of weeks to regain my focus. I REAALLY need to do this. Shhhh. its a secret. I promise to PM you an excerpt when I'm done though.
    I'm glad you like my choice of words in that post. I was afraid I had made an uncomprehensible mess with all those ideas of mine, hehe! ^^;

    Kudos to you! :3
    Busy and travelling a lot.

    It'll probably be a couple of weeks before I can get back to following the forum more regularly.
    Haha! Thanks for the vibes man! Just had one of those days.. But it's good now.
    Thanks! I have the same problem there too. And then you get stuck with that awkward feeling which starts to make it even harder to respond. So much easier when you have something to compare to.
    I didn't know what it meant till a couple of days ago either. :lol: My reaction to learning what it meant was something along the lines of "wait, I could of responded to their posts with 'stop using strawman arguments'? Dammit!'":rant:
    I was just sitting out on my smoke break pondering that.. Really.. I'd like to know! Haha!
    Are my thoughts nauseating because you can relate? So you think of your past experiences? Or is there another reason?
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