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  • I've actually been reading that thread. What's wrong with crazy waffling without abandon, anyway?? God, that's all I ever do! In this mbti realm... I've gone from INFP to INFJ to INTJ to possibly INTP... INxx is the only thing that stays the same. People are way too dynamic to stay 'one type' forever. They learn and grow and develop their weaknesses into strengths (usually, I think, but I'm a die-hard optimist.)
    Enough of my rambling!
    Welcome to the beautiful emo-darkside of INFP life. Mwahahahahahahaha!!
    I've had the most delightful adventures. Also, get this, an elderly native woman on support staff so casually decided to share a book with me from her collection... all she said was that it "has a lot to do with people but speaks a foreign language. Perhaps you could decipher and enjoy it." Turned out to be all about utilizing MBTI in the workplace. No kidding! Ahaha, you can bet my brain was soaking that 'coincidence' up for days.
    Actually, that would not be the only coincidence in the last couple of weeks. Life has been firing them off with the intention of keeping me on my toes. Or driving me mad.
    Tomorrow I'm back to being paid to read in a freaking canoe (!!!) for another week but lets cross paths my next stint back in civilization.
    Hey! Well, I basically built the name Hinsoog around a character that I used to write with in angsty blogs/diary posts. So beyond the physical name, I wanted a name that produced this feeling of piercing thoughtfulness. A thoughtfulness not afraid of diving deep, so deep as to find and welcome the darkest and most abstract thoughts. If certain ideas were repulsive to some, then that was ok, because the ideas were most important, and the clarity of vision was paramount. Hinsoog was a character that was disinterested in worldy things in general. The character was basically presented to be a sage of perspective. He was really my ego character, one that I was attracted to and identified with. So I wanted to come up with a name that would just kind of feel like that. As for the physical name, I basically had the words "psalm", "sage", and "Hindu", and tried sort of mixing them around. Two of those words are kind of religious, but I am pretty secular and liked how they felt. Hahaha!
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