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  • I just thought it was really funny because I did the same thing. And I'm glad to see that native English speakers don't know of that word either. =)
    Oh my, an INFJ and an ENTP twin?
    Scary :$
    Are you and Tine sisters or friends?
    No, I don't like to be swung around :|
    Haha, well it wasn't that embarrassing, but I just started laughing loud.
    I don't think I mind 'embarrassing' friends, that'd mean they'd entertain me :p
    My friend (who's japanese) bought this new cellphone, and he had transferred lot's of japanese pop music to it.
    (I live in Belgium).
    We were studying in the library, and I asked him:
    'Hey, how many songs are there on your phone?'
    Him: 'LOL K LET ME LOOK'
    Me: 'No, no, not here, I can imagine it going off and the whole library hearing your music.'
    All of a sudden *loud japanese pop music*

    I know it's unrelated, but it was funny.
    Yeah, you lost me again.
    The only thing about Japan that I know is that I don't like their music, and that they kick ass.

    I don't know what K-ON! is, but a quick google search tells me it's a japanese manga :p
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