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What do you do when you feel low?


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Dec 19, 2008
To ease up the feeling, do you eat ice cream? drink coffee? eat a lot?

I actually turn the lights off, on the aircon, watch a movie while eating ice cream :) :)

I kind of feel down lately.... and I know how to ease up the low feeling i feel WHEN I'M NOT STRESSED<--- no homeworks and all and no need to socialize

but what if you're feeling low and exposure to people requires a lot more energy .... what do you do to lessen the bad feeling?:m075:
Amphetamines. Also guitar, which is better on amphetamines. Various other drugs if I could get them. Women if they were worth the trouble.
Get out of the house and go for a walk if it's daytime. At night I usually listen to music or watch a film to distract myself ^^"
When those don't work, I go to my room and read feel-good books.
I find ways to recenter....usually silent prayer. Or if it's the right time of day I simply go to bed...things always look better in the morning.
Chai tea, milk chocolate, a long walk, kind words to myself, and an uplifting story (film, book, news, anything). I've shared this with you before, but it bears repeating: http://www.givesmehope.com/

Then when I'm feeling a bit better, I share the love, and it multiplies.
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Ski, swim, lift heavy weights, split wood, eat dark chocolate, play the piano, sit in sunlight.
I go for a run outside and run until I feel like my lungs are about to explode. Then I come back inside and look up old shows I used to watch as a kid on youtube and watch a few episodes. Or look up old post-secrets that I've saved on my harddrive because I relate to them and make myself cry with sad music while I read them.

Long showers, tea, and browsing the bookstore also cheers me up. Sometimes, when I know she's not busy, I'll call up my best friend and we'll bitch for hours.

Nacho Doritos and spinach dip work too. Especially if I'm curling up to watch a movie. Works best on rainy days.
Depending on how low I'm feeling... Usually chatting w/my hubby will help, but if that doesn't, sleeping seems to reset the clock the easiest. Drinking and watching comedies also helps. I'll usually only confide in the husband or best friend though, as I don't like broadcasting negativity, others can spread it like a virus...
When i am feeling low, i just start talking with myself or just plug in headphones to listen lovely and romantic song which can make my heart full of love. Then love conquers everything, i become fine. :)
Not socialize at least, that's for sure.

When I'm down I like to be alone and just watch movies or series infront of a TV in a good couch while it's dark outside.

Or A walk alone in the dark, in the woods or other population sparse areas.

That's what I should be doing, usually I just sit infront of the computer.
I wallow in it until I am emotionally crippled, and then I wallow some more.

OT but isn't it odd how 'wallow' is always used in negative contexts? you never hear of people 'wallowing' in happiness and interpret it to be a good thing :p

to answer the original question.. well, depends on why i'm feeling low. if it's just the ups and downs of everyday life, i'll do the usual - books, movies, music, talking to a friend, etc. if there's a specific reason for it, and i can recognize it, i try to eliminate its influence from my life. if at all i can, anyway.
As strange as this sounds I usually "wallow" in it too. I go with it and try to use it up. I find if I experience it strongly, that is goes away quicker. I'll listen to sad music or maybe watch a movie that makes me cry. Driving and long walks are good too. Lastly.....I write. I've said this before but Strong emotion writes well, that includes sadness. It written some of my best stuff in a meloncholy mood.
I take a shower in the dark by the light of the window and just think.

I go in :m068: and come out :m027:
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Sometimes I go out with friends. This is a mistake, as i feel immediately better but soon feel completely drained and worse than I did before. Otherwise I watch a movie listen to music or read, and eat ice cream.
OT but isn't it odd how 'wallow' is always used in negative contexts? you never hear of people 'wallowing' in happiness and interpret it to be a good thing :p

People, no. Pigs, yes :D
If I've been feeling down for a number of days I usually get the old band back together just for practice for fun. We turn everything up as loud as we can, sing as loud as we can, jump around, and sweat out all of the bad feelings.

I can't describe the feeling after playing for an hour straight while putting everything into it. It's draining, but so energizing at the same time.

Then we usually relax with a couple bowls of the green stuff, and pass out.

Wake up and greet the sun the next morning, and the whole world looks brand new.
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I hardly ever feel low, so I don't even know, I just go with the flow and rhyme like a ho.
Drug myself up.
Long walks with long talks between me a God.

It's very unfortunate that it's been so cold lately that I can't even go for a walk at night.